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Top 8 BEST VR extension cable 2023

A functional way to make VR games better, especially when using wired connections is the use of VR extension cables. More than just extending your reach to the game controller, a VR extension cable can serve other functions such as:

VR extension cable

1. Preventing Sudden Loss in Connection

While a lot of VR headsets are designed for wireless connection using Bluetooth, most of them also come with ports for wired connection. Bluetooth connections can only be maintained at certain distances and a sudden loss in connection is not what you want while gaming. Wired connections will usually poise no issues like this especially when extension cables are used to make sure the connection is secure and free enough to not cause tugs.

2. Enhancing Video and Sound Quality

Over time, technology has risen to provide extension cables that will not only ensure that incoming signal is unaffected as it is transmitted across cables and ports. Cables are now made to cancel noise and improve the quality of sound and video transmitted out. So if you feel the quality of sound your headphones have been delivering does not suit your taste, there are VR extension cables that are more than up to task at enhancing the audio quality and providing 3D effects.

3. They Serve Well for Other Devices

Most USB extension cables turn out compatible with a lot of other peripheral devices such as keyboards, printers, hard drives, TVs, and many more. The latest USB version is  also backward compatible with previous versions of USB ports.

The Top 8 Best VR Extension Cables of 2021

WEme USB Extension Cable

USB 3.0 Extender, WEme USB Extension Cable with Aluminum
USB 3.0 Extender, WEme USB Extension Cable

Experience the 5Gbps data transfer speed power of the WEme Extension Cable while at your VR game even as you extend your reach to the game control box by 5 meters. It offers 16.4 feet of non-depreciating cable connection as the DC power port serves to prevent signal degradation across the connection. This way, you experience no break or slack in your overall game quality. The USB plug has also been plated with gold to allow for no interference as the signal transmits from your game box via the cord to your headset.

The USB 3.0 extender has universal compatibility with previous USB versions (2.0 and 1.1). So long as your game control box is USB enabled, the extension cable is available for your optimal exploitation. The 5-meter length will avail you the opportunity to easily maneuver your hands while at a game, leaving no risk of tugging on your headset or pulling off the connection to the game box.

The extension cable requires no use of installed drivers to work; only plug it in properly, sit at your game and drift away with it. As a multifunctional extension cable, it will also work for other USB peripheral devices such as printers, keyboards, and many more.

Purchase the WEme Extension Cable here.

Amazon Basics High-Speed Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable

Amazon Basics High-Speed Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable - 6 Feet

High-Speed Male to Female

4.7  stars,

16,013 reviews

The High-Speed Male to Female Extension Cable is one of the ways Amazon Basics have fulfilled their goal of "providing highly rated products at low prices." The budget-friendly yet intricately designed cable allows connection to all HDMI compatible devices that definitely include your VR control box. While you get quality delivered to you at a friendly price, you also have a 1-year limited warranty placed on the cable should in case you ever think it doesn't perform  up to expectations.

The extension cable comes in different lengths from 3ft to 18ft. This means you are really not going to be stressed about your cable is being too long or too short. The extension cable transfers data at a whopping speed of 18Gbps (mind you, even 5Gbps is considered just enough for virtual reality games.) This leaves you at the mercy of nothing short of lightning-fast signal transfer across your devices.

What else would you ask for? The high-rated cable has a ferrite core, as well as gold plated ends that sift out background  noise from sound and also deliver high-quality HD pictures, making it most qualified for many connections that have to do with audio or video transfers.

Click here to order the product.

URGREEN USB Extension Cable

UGREEN USB Extension Cable USB 3.0 Extender

Type A Male to Female Data Transfer Cord 5Gbps for Playstation Xbox Oculus VR USB Flash Drive Card Reader Hard Drive Keyboard Printer Camera 6ft

4.7  stars,

 14,299 reviews

With a transfer speed 10 times better than USB 2.0 cables' 480Mbps, URGREEN's USB 3.0 transfers data at a 5Gbps speed, which is more than enough requirement for most devices. Designed for a male to female connection, the extension is compatible with all of your gaming devices, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Oculus VR.

The male-to-female connection type cable is corrosion-resistant because of its tin-plated conductors; while the gold-plated connectors ensure no data is lost during the transfer because of the extended connection process.

Amazon's choice of USB cables by URGREEN boasts of high quality and durability even for up to 10000 times of plugging and unplugging. It does not require the use of drivers to work with most devices and has length options from 3 to 10 ft.

You can order the URGREEN's product here.

Twisted Veins HDMI Cable

Twisted Veins HDMI Cable 25 ft

The name may say something close to that but you mustn't get it twisted - The Twisted Veins HDMI Cable gives more than enough value for the money spent. As 25 ft cables coming in a 2 in 1 pack, these USB extensions offer much more than most similar devices in the same price range. The cables work with virtually all HDMI compatible devices and transfer signals from as high as 4K 60hz. The Ethernet supports the HDMI 2.0b standard and is as well backward compatible with previous HDMI versions.

The highly protective braided jacket each cable comes in, alongside the tough-flex neckline connector serves to provide extra durability even with frequent use. You can decide to have your cables in any other length ranging from 1.5ft to 200ft for really distant connections; while you may also decide to have the elbow adapters at the right angle or left angle as it's most compatible with your device(s).

Not to ignore also is the lifetime guarantee that comes with every order for Twisted Veins cables, with either a refund or a replacement for every complaint made.

You can easily order 2 in 1 HDMI cable pack by clicking here.

BAM 3 Pack High Speed 4K HDMI Cables

BAM 3 Pack High Speed 4K HDMI Cables

With BAM's 3 in 1 pack USB cables, you not only get to lengthen the connection to your VR game controller; you're also rest assured that the extension will not reduce the quality of audio and video you experience. With a transfer speed of 10.2 Gbps, coupled with the gold plaited connection points, the transmission rate is ultra-fast and of untempered but rather enhanced quality.

The heavy-duty cables are made from an extra shielded, braided nylon jacket that protects the internal wire connections. This makes them highly resistant to bends and incessant tugs that can cause breakage. With cable lengths available from 3ft to 25ft, you even have cable options that won't be too short to the point of causing incessant pulling.

The cables are universally compatible with all HDMI devices, easy to set up, and were designed for multi-purpose use. They can be easily purchased here.

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable (15 Feet, Black,4K 60Hz, High Speed

4.7  stars,

17,987 reviews

Even the looks of the BlueRigger cable depict better quality than what you've always known, and truth be told, they were really not made to disappoint. With a transfer speed of 18 gigabits per second (Gbps), the cable made 4K ready, delivering a richly clear video resolution that brings your game more real to you  than ever before.

The audio quality equally blows the mind and sets you on edge with Adrenaline driven goosebumps. The sound delivered is  clear, 3 dimensional, and causes a more intriguing gaming experience. The cable has no compatibility issues and does not require the use of external drivers.

A triple-shield design comprising of a metal jacket enclosure and nylon braided exterior makes the cable resistant to physical strain. The Bluerigger 4K HDMI Cable has been tested and proven to maintain its integrity for up to 5,000 times of 90° bends.

You can easily order the cable here.

Monoprice 5-Meter USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable

Monoprice 5-meter USB 3.0

Monoprice 5-meter USB 3.0 A Male to A Female Active Extension Cable, Black

4.7  stars,

24,870 reviews

Monoprice's Active Extension Cable is one of the very few products that rate 5 of 5 stars for quality of material on Amazon. The company itself is 100% sure of the durability of the cable that a lifetime warranty has been placed on it. What other thing can be better than having a cable work for as long as long is?

The extension cable transmits signals 10 times better than its immediate past version. It also has backward compatibility with any USB port from previous versions. The cables allow you to gain more extension from your VR game box by 5 meters but can also be triply extended to its 15-meter maximum limit. The cable draws power from the USB bus and therefore requires no external adapter.

The Monoprice 5-Meter Extension Cable is available on Amazon here. 

Amazon Basics USB 3.0

Amazon Basics USB 3.0

Think it not to be sentimental that the Amazon Basics USB 3.0 is Amazon's choice for USB Cables because the reasons are not far-fetched. The USB cable will extend your connection for up to 9.8ft or 3.8 meters while shielding your connection from electromagnetic signals and other radio waves that might want to interfere. The result is very clear audio as well as high HD video quality, just like you want for your VR games.

The male to female 4.8Gbps high-speed connection cable functions for all 3.0 (or previous versions) USB devices such as printers, flash drives, and VR games and transmits signals 10 times faster than previous USB versions.

Of course, as Amazon Basic's way, the cable promises to offer more value than the price to be paid for it. The Amazon Basics USB 3.0 can be purchased here.


Being in control is important while gaming and a short cable connection can be frustrating in that regard. Thanks to technology, VR extension cables are getting better and better at helping us maintain the top quality of audio and video we desire even as they create further extensions and make controlling our game easier.

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