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Spectrashell OQ9 Earbuds For Oculus Quest – Best Review in 2023

If you are a gamer, one reason you may value the virtual reality experience is because of the immersive properties it offers. Making use of VR products is an ingenious way to take a break from the fast-moving world of today and allow yourself to relax.

SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds

SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds

However, it only takes a single flawed component in said virtual reality experience to unpleasantly bring you back from your brief moments of unparalleled bliss. What might be at the very core of keeping you from granting yourself a well-deserved break? Earphones that just don't do the job right.

It takes away a great deal from your VR session, if you're constantly finding yourself tangled in wires when all you're trying to do is use your controller. The earphones' wire suddenly tightening around your throat as you swing your lightsaber at that particularly pesky enemy is a sure way to take something away from your gaming session.

You may be lucky enough to avoid being caught in a cocoon of your own earphones' wire. But there's always the very likely chance you'll end up yanking them out of your ears when you least expect it.

Spectrashell OQ9 earphones are the perfect solution for this as they are designed especially for the Oculus Quest. Separate short wires that go into either end of the Oculus Quest ensure that said wires do no more than provide you with the sound you need.

VR technology can’t really be used the way it is intended if you can hear your cat scratching the couch through your earphones. Spectrashell OQ9 earphones enter the fray once again as an optimal solution.

The earphones allow the user to experience spatial audio. Furthermore, they are capable of providing a great deal of bass so that nothing is taken away from you in your quest to obtain the ultimate VR experience. All aspects of sound are perfectly balanced and then delivered to you, if you choose the SpectraShell earphones.

Want to find out more about them? Read on!

Convenience and Comfort

We live in a world where waiting times for more or less everything have been reduced to the point that needs and wants are gratified almost instantly. As such, convenience has to have a great role in the products that are marketed.

With services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc., people have become accustomed to a certain degree of convenience. The Spectrashell OQ9 Earphones offer quite the bang for your buck and provide a great deal of convenience.

While you can also purchase the official Oculus Quest earphones, the SperctraShell Earphones offer everything they do at around half the price. No more extra long cables that you need to put around your neck or tuck inside your clothing.

With separate short wires for each channel, five minutes into your VR session and you'll forget you're wearing any earphones at all! The various sizes of earbuds that are compatible with the product have got you covered as well.

Spectrashell OQ9 for Oculus Quest

Immersive Sound

Auditory cues go a long way when it comes to having the optimal VR experience. Delayed sound, muddy sound or sound where gain, treble, bass, volume etc. are not properly balanced is the kind of sound you certainly do not want.

Therefore, owning the right earphones is a prime goal for all those who are looking for that special something when they make use of virtual reality. There is a lot to look at when trying to buy earphones and choosing the right ones may, at times, seem a daunting task. However, you don’t need to look further than the SpectraShell Earphones.

SpectraShell Earphones are a small, neat package that come to optimize your VR experience. To allow you to truly experience your games, movies etc., each ear bud of the SpectraShell OQ9 is specifically designed. It enhances the channel of sound for the left and right headphone jacks of the Oculus Quest. The earphones offer deep bass, loud volume and great clarity.

These earphones also offer spatial audio which allows audio signals to be manipulated so that they mimic acoustic behavior in the real world. This one feature allows you to feel as if you have been transported from your bedroom into an attractive and exhilarating world far, far away. Using spatial audio allows for users to be more immersed in 360 degree videos as well.

Specifications Spectrashell OQ9

Specifications Spectrashell OQ9

  • The SpectraShell Earphones have a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. 20hz to 20kHz is generally accepted as the audible frequency range. Therefore, other headphones that may offer a slightly greater range are rather unnecessary as the greater range adds to their price for little to no reason.
  • This product has a 9mm Dynamic Driver. Drivers for earphones can be within a range of 8mm to 15mm. Drivers are often directly related to how ‘big’ the sound can be and a 9mm size is towards the smaller end. As such, the sound of the SpectraShell Earphones is not as loud as some might want it to be. However, with the unique mix of earphones that can perfectly fit into your ear and spatial audio, this particular problem can be overcome.
  • These earphones offer an impedance of 16 ohm and a 106 dB/mW sensitivity.
  • Two separate short wires for each headphone jack of the Oculus Quest are there for convenience. These also make sure that there is minimal disturbance.
  • The Spatial Audio feature allows for an extra layer of immersion by mimicking how sounds would be heard in the real world. This feature allows you to truly experience the gaming or media experience on an exhilarating level.
  • The earphones have separate sounds. Each earbud of the SpectraShell OQ9 Earphones is designed to carry the sound of its own channel. If the sound is reversed, you can simply plug in regular headphones into your Oculus Quest, into each audio jack one by one. This will reset the Oculus Quest to proper left/right separation.
  • Customer Reviews and Conclusion

    Oculus Quest owners recognize this product as the ultimate bargain. Customers are more than satisfied with purchasing SpectraShell Earphones and claim that its sound quality rivals that of earphones more than twice its price. According to Amazon users, the SpectraShell earphones are a must-have. Consumers also describe the sound quality as being unbelievably great.

    Users across the globe have been taken aback by the convenience the earphones offer as compared to regular earbuds. They have also said that the earphones never accidentally get snagged by their hands or controllers and don’t get yanked out of their ears.

    Some users have however complained that the sound output of the earphones is not as loud as they would like it to be. However, this obstacle is rather easily cleared because of the spatial audio the earphones offer. The small decrease in the loudness of the sound does not come at the expense of the level of immersion. For all Oculus Quest owners, this product is what you need for that next, higher level of immersion that you desire.

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