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Top 6 The Best Junior Drum Set For Kids In 2023

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Are you looking to give your child a head start on playing drums? Helping your kid learn the basics of rhythm early can make a massive difference to their future drumming skills. Those skills can also be applied to any other musical instrument later.

Your hunt for the best drum kit set will depend on whether your kids love music or whether they asked for a drum kit. Whatever the reasons, you are likely aware of the many items that comes with a good drum kit set. These items include; the floor tom, loops, shell sizes, hoops, high-hats, kick drum, drum heads, and many others. 

Fortunately, the drum sets listed in this guide are the best you can find anywhere. More importantly, they are best sellers with excellent customer feedbacks and are suited for music-loving kids. 

The junior starter drums we have listed here all come on board with their drum thrones, kick pedals, and drum sticks. As a result of these inclusions, your child can start using the drum kit right away. 

How To Select The Best Junior Drum Set For Your Kids

When you want to choose a drum set for your child it’s crucial to consider several factors.

  • The Drum Size

The most essential thing in finding the best drum set for your kid that is picking the right size of drums and cymbals, as well as a suitable drum throne and sticks. It is best to purchase the drum set in a specific size depending on the space you can sacrifice and your child’s age. If you’re purchasing the drum set for a child that means a junior acoustic drum set will be a suitable option. 

Junior drum sets are much smaller and more compact than adult drum sets. Because children are different in size, it is impossible to recommend drum kits based on their ages correctly. A 6-year-old could be likely tall enough to play on a drum set suited for ten-year-olds easily. 

You can go for a full-sized drum set if your child is ready for the step up. It's common to see children of 10 or 12 years playing on a full-sized adult drum kit. It all depends on the child's size and ability.

If you decide to buy a larger-sized drum set for your child, you can lower the components to suit their stature. For instance, the drum throne can be lowered, and the snare comes with a stand that can also be lowered. The toms and cymbals can be positioned in a way your child will have more comfort.

When choosing a drum set for your child, it would be best to pay close attention to drum stool heights, adjustable or non-adjustable hardware, and drum set sizes.  Several drum sets are on the market, but here are a few qualities to consider before settling for one. The tomes on a junior drum set will be roughly 10", with bass that is 16" with 8".

  • What's In The Drum Set?

What materials are in the drum set, and how many pieces will be needed? Many junior drum sets are sold as 3-piece or 4-piece kits. The total number of elements will be attributed to the number of core drums in the package. 

  • What Sound Is Your Child Going For?

When buying your child's first drum kit, you should check that the sound coming out from the drum agrees with your child. It ought to with the soul. In that case, you should make conscious efforts to choose the best materials that will replicate this sound.

  • Accessories 


If your child is a happy drummer, a few crucial extras should come with the drum set. These accessories include; dampening pads, drum sticks, ton rings, music stands, and soft bag cases.

Some drum sets come along with hardware that is adjustable to fit kids of all ages. However, when it comes to drum sets for adults, flexibility is not a provision. Adult drum kits may also come with several limitations that prevent them from being suited for a child. That's why it is best to go for junior drum kits when purchasing a drum set for your child.

The fun doesn't end here! Just read on, and get to know more about the best junior drum set for kids.

Here Are The Top 6 Best Junior Drum Set For Kids In 2022

Questlove Pocket Drum Set


The Ludwig LC178X025 Questlove Pocket Drum Set is a professional 4-piece drum set designed to meet a beginner drummer's needs. It comes in 3 color variants and is suited for ages 4 to 10.  The drum set comes onboard with the foot pedal, snare stand, 16" bass drum, drum sticks, hi-hat stand, 10" ton, cymbal arm, drum key, ride cymbal, 12" snare drum, and Hi-hat cymbals.

The Questlove Pocket Drum Set is easy to tune, and it looks and sounds excellent. Important to note, however, is that you may have to assemble each drum before your child starts playing. Nonetheless, the snare is already put together from the box. As for the remaining accessories, setting them up with the drum set will not be difficult.

With the impressive features of this drum set, it is no doubt that your child will love it. You can always put in new heads and cymbals if the old ones are worn out. Because this drum set is easy to gig around with, you and your child are likely not to mind the noise. Purchase the  Questlove Pocket Drum Set here.

Ludwig Junior Drum Kit

Ludwig Junior Drum Kit, Wine

The Ludwig Junior Drum Kit comes in 4 color variants: wine, metallic silver, black, and blue. Because the Ludwig Junior Drum Kit is solid and well built, you can be sure that it will withstand whatever your kids throw at it. With an entry-level snare and adjustable hardware, the drum set will undoubtedly produce a great sound when it is correctly tuned. 

The drum set of the Ludwig Junior Drum Kit is well painted and in good condition. Drumming will sound good once the blue kit comes with no flaws because all the drum elements will be unison. If you are musically inclined, putting this drum set together will not be much of a hassle as a parent.

The Ludwig Junior Drum Kit is worth every penny. So if you are looking for a real drum set for that young musician, consider getting this set. With affordable cymbals and solid hardware, you can rest assured that this drum set will not disappoint. Buy the Ludwig Junior Drum Kit here.

Mendini By Celilio Kids Drum Set

Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set

The Mendini By Celilio 3-piece Kids Drum Set comes with everything your child needs to start playing right away. With high-quality sound and hardware easy to assemble, this drum set will make the perfect gift for that young drummer. The sturdy features of the Mendini By Celilio Kids Drum Set supports continuous playing.

The Mendini By Celilio Kids Drum Set comes in 6 color variants: red metallic, blue metallic, silver, black metallic, purple metallic, and green metallic. This drum set is targeted towards ages 5 to 7, and it will produce quality and original sound. Flanged hoops and original hardwood are exclusive features of the Mendini Kids Drum Set.

The set components of this drum include; 4 logs, one mounted tom drum, one bass drum, onemounted snare drum, foot pedal, and cymbal arm, etc. For a junior drummer, you can agree that this is the go-to drum set. Order the Mendini By Celilio Kids Drum Set here.

Rockjam Junior Drum set

RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

The Rock jam 3-piece Junior drum set comes with entry-level paddles, and it can last through several kids. Some of the kits include; a bass drum chain driven pedal, a pair of drum sticks, snare drum, stand, crash cymbal, etc. This drum set will make the perfect percussion instrument for any aspiring musician with a fully functional drum kit.

The Rock jam Junior Drum Kit comes with the snare drum, stand, cushioned drum thrones, crash cymbals, wooden drumsticks, cymbal arm, hanging tom-tom drum, along with a manual for assembling the components. Many entry-level drums-set does not include the snare drum. However, Rockjam has it in their junior drum set, mainly because it is vital for learners. Buy the Rockjam Junior Drum set here.

Music Alley Kids Drum Set

Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set

The Music Alley Kids Drum Set comes in 3 color variants: Red, Black, and Blue. This high-quality drum set is perfect for beginners as it comes with a wholly effective drum kit. The Music Alley Kids Drum Set comes with drum sticks, crash cymbals, cushioned throne, bass, mounted snare drum, stands, and necessary add-ons. With this, you can see that the Music Alley Kids Drum Set is not a plastic baby toy; it is a real instrument.

This 3-piece junior drum set is a one-time solution for that aspiring drummer. Unlike many junior drum sets, this drum set is constructed from wood and metal, as well as all the materials you can see in an adult drum set. The Music Alley Kids Drum Set is not your standard plastic toddler drum set. For beginner drummers, starting a small budget and keeping things simple is the ideal option. And this drum set will help you with just that! Buy the Music Alley Kids Drum Set  here.

Pearl Roadshow Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete

The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set includes everything your child needs to commence the journey to the podium. This durable 5-piece drum set is complete with the essential add-ons such as; the snare stand, pedal, cymbals, throne, and Hi-hat stand. That is the reason why this drum set makes it to the list of our top picks.

The Pearl Roadshow drum set is ideal for young drummers because of its sturdy and durable features. Apart from the shiny and durable appearance of the drum set, it is powerful enough to support continuous drumming. It also comes unassembled to avoid any damages during the shipping process. Get the Pearl Roadshow Drum Set here.


As you can see from this review, there are so many options for your children to learn to play drums. Today’s market provides several products made specifically for different age groups and goes at a wide range of prices. A youth drum set like the Ludwig Junior Drum Kit is a good choice for children who want to play real drums but are not yet tall enough for a full one.

If you’re undecided, my recommendation would be to choose the Mendini By Celilio Kids Drum Set; it is an affordable drum set for kids to learn the basics. You can then invest in an intermediate, full-size drum set later on if they want to keep playing the instrument.

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