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Oculus Quest All in One VR Gaming Headset in 2023 Best Reviews

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Real gamers don’t go for VR, but then the reason could be that its reputation is all that great. Some VR glasses can be a little too much to handle, especially since some models need powerful PCs backing them. Even though VR raises excitement in a lot of people, but people do not use it as their first option when it comes to gaming.

Oculus Quest All in one vr gaming Headset is one of the best options available in the market. The headset was introduced by Facebook and has already made a name in the market. The features added are what a lot of gamers have been looking for. The headset does not need any wire connected to a Smartphone or PC; it is standalone. Without using external sensors, it can easily support the precision tracking of the room.

Oculus Quest All in One vr Gaming Headset:Spec 


  • Standalone and full wireless
  • Beatifull UI
  • Good performance


  • Space at the bottom of the headset admits some light.
  • Battery low after a few hours of play

The set up of Oculus product is easy and won’t consume a lot of time. Most people look for VR for the perfect gaming experience, and this product delivers just that. It comes with many different features, which are quite amazing.

However, some gamers (who are specific VR users) may not be very impressed by the glasses as they do not deliver the perfect photorealistic graphics. They do not clear the screen-door effect, and the resolution is also a little low. But in the end, these are small things that can be looked over, especially when you are getting many great features in return.

The headset is fun and easy to use and allows gamers to immerse themselves in the game.

Controllers and the headset

Even though the technology is evolving, it isn’t fast enough to allow the VR technology to fit into a simple pair of glasses. At the moment, the glasses are bulky and big and cover most of the face. But for now, this product is one of the sleekest ones; they combine the good looks of the Oculus Rift and Go.

The hard plastic on the front of the glasses comes with four cameras, and they also play a role in making inside-out tracking that is used by Oculus insight. These ensure that there is a smooth connection between the touch hand controllers and the glasses. You will find a soft fabric covering the side of the glasses.

There is a USB port for charging the glasses on one side of the glasses and an on/off button on the other side. They have been branded on the front (top middle). They weigh approximately 1.25 pounds, which makes them a little heavier than their counterparts. The reason is that the glasses come with hand-tracking tech and 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom).

The head strap ensures that it fits perfectly on your head and that it is comfortable at all times. You will find Velcro straps that are adjustable on the top, left, and right sides of the glasses. These three Velcro straps connect at the back of the head; the triangular shape ensures that they are comfortable and ensure that the glasses settle firmly on your face.

There are two slits in the right and left straps. These slits are the audio output of the glasses; the sound is distinct and will be loud enough for you to enjoy the gaming experience.

Many people prefer playing with a loud sound, but others prefer using headphones; this product gives you the option of enjoying both. A headphone output is located on both sides for the convenience of the gamers. They will work well with almost any type of headphone brands. If you want you can get headphones the same brand (Oculus headphones), they cost about $50.

At the bottom of the headset, you will find the volume button and a switch that allows you to adjust the space between the pupils of the eyes (interpupillary distance). The default setting of the headset is basically for people who do not need glasses. If you wear contacts, you won’t have any trouble with the headset, even if you use it straight out of the box. But if you use glasses, then you will need to use the spacer to add distance between the lens of the VR and the glasses.

Oculus Quest

The spacer is included in the box and ensures that the glasses don’t scratch the VR headset.

There are two Fresnel lenses located on the lens side of the glasses. These work to magnify the display inside of the headset (which is OLED). The resolution of this screen is 2880 by 1600, making them sharper than the other Oculus products.

However, you need to consider the field of view and the refresh rate of any VR headset. This product has a refresh rate of 72Hz, which is lower than the previous models but a little more than Oculus Go. 

Refresh rate means that the screen takes about 72 times a second to refresh itself. A higher refresh rate means that there will be lesser motion blur; this also means that you will not get nauseated.

The product comes with two controllers, which are for each hand. They are quite similar to a split game controller. These controllers are identical to the ones of Oculus Rift; the only main difference is the position of the ring. The other features include two buttons, a trigger button, grip buttons, an analog stick, and a menu button.

You will need AA batteries to operate the controllers; these come in the box. The controllers also include a lanyard, which is adjustable, so that you can tighten them around your wrists. The buttons are easily accessible, and they are soft; even though they are stable, they give a light feel.

The controllers are placed in front; no matter where you move the controllers, your hands in the virtual reality game will follow. The same goes for the movement of the fingers, whether you press or relax your fingers.

Simple setup


Booting the computer


Turning on the VR headset.


Ensuring that the sensors are correctly positioned


Clearing space for room-scale tracking


Finally, getting started.

Mobile VR headsets aren’t any easier; they also need a setup before you can get started. In the end, you waste time setting up, while you could have used that to play. With this product, the manufacturers made sure that the lengthy process of setting up decreases.

Using the headset itself, after the setup process is straightforward. The setup process ensures that you have all the instructions you need to set up the WiFi and the connection between the Oculus Quest glasses and a mobile phone app. this will allow you to update the firmware and also download content.

virtual reality oculus quest

Unlike the other models, everything has been built into the headset, which is why there is no need to connect the glasses to the PC. Neither do you need to adjust any of the external sensors for the hand and head tracking. Coming into the world of VR will take a few seconds. Once you have turned it one, you will be asked to make a Guardian. It is a virtual barrier for the play space you have. It is similar to that of HTC Vive – Chaperone.

If you plan on the stationary play, then the product will create a guardian (in a circle) around your seat. All this will be done automatically. You will need to draw out the play space available on your floor when you plan on using the room-scale VR. 

The product will be able to form a guardian space of 25 by 25 feet for room-scale, which will ensure that all the movements are correctly tracked. It is recommended that you use at least 6.5 by 6.5 feet space when opting for room-scale play. Even if you exceed some of those or go for something like five by 6 feet, you won’t experience any issues in tracking.

The guardian is a great way to ensure that you do not bump into anything, thus preventing accidents during the game. It is a great feature that many people get good use out of. In case you are wondering how it works, when you come very close to the guardian, a wall (teal-colored) appears in front of you in the VR. 

This serves as a warning sign that you are stepping out of the guardian zone, and you may bump into something. The pass-through feature gets activated if you take your head out of the teal wall; this means that you will exit the game and will be able to the world (in black and white). If you have enough space, then you can even step out of the guardian wall into the real world and take a look inside the virtual world.

One of the product features regarding the guardian is that the headset can remember the previous guardian space you made for yourself. However, many gamers complain that this is partly true as, even though it did recognize the area, it did not last for too long, and you had to create it all over again.

If you plan to create a new space and then going back to the old one, then keep in mind that you will have to create a unique space all over again. 

If you plan to create a new space and then going back to the old one, then keep in mind that you will have to create a unique space all over again. 

* We check this product and blown me away with its ease of use and attention to details.

Oculus Quest All-In-One VR sending 1
Oculus Quest All-In-One VR sending 3
Oculus Quest All-In-One VR sending 2

A gaming experience unlike any other

The plus side of the Quest is that is it easy to set up, and it built very well and is durable. But what matters are the VR content as well as the headset will be useless unless the VR experience is fantastic.

Another fantastic thing is that the VR games that come with this headset are great. At first, the product launched about 50 titles; after some time, it started some more. 

The headset has been made specifically for gaming. Getting the hang of the controllers and the hand and head tracking of the product is very easy and is valuable.

The games are different from each other, so everyone will find something for themselves, which was the purpose of the manufacturers, and they achieved it. Some of the games are outstanding, such as Beat Saber. So be sure that you will find something for yourself if you start using this headset.

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