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The Top 8 Best PSVR Headphones in 2023

Best PSVR Headphones

The best psvr headphones will make you experience the wonders of virtual reality games like you've never done before. The rich tones of sound they give, as well as their snug fitness are part of what make them a necessary gaming companion.

What to Look for in the Best PSVR Headphones

Away from sentiments towards a particular brand, a headset for virtual reality games needs to meet some, if not all of these basic requirements:

1. Quality Sound

Of course, headphones are first of all about the quality of sound they produce. And especially for moments like during virtual reality games, a headset should not fall short in that aspect.

A headphone for PSVR should be able to capture the richness of the audio in your game from the deep lows to the thrilling highs. The rich audio effects that come to your ears get you more involved in the game and shuts you away from surrounding distractions.

2. Comfort and Fit

You don't want headphones that will be falling out of your ears or dropping too low to your cheeks; which is why fitness is another thing to check out in headphones. Most over the ear headphones come in designs that make them adjustable to fit anyone. Some in ear headphones also come with up to 3 or more different sizes of earbuds to give everyone the right fit.

Comfort is equally important. Over the ear or on ear headphones should have designs that ensure they fit on the delicate bones of the ear just right. The fabric or any other material used for this purpose should cushion the ears rather than pressure them.

3. Connectivity

Equally important, especially if you're bothered about freedom and ease of mobility while gaming is connectivity. Headsets come as either wired or wireless and we all have reasons for preferring either of the two. However, wired headsets should come with cables that are compatible with your game box and are as well long enough to prevent tugging and pulling off.

Many headphones may not be able to satisfy all of these criteria at once. The ball is in your court to know which one will suit your taste best. Seeing as there are hundreds of headphones out there that deciding on one might be hard, we on our own part have figured out some of the top best PSVR headphones so you have your options narrowed  down to just 8.

Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 7.1

Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 7.1

Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 7.1

4.6  stars,

 3,848 reviews

This headset was designed for PlayStation, which means the builders have factored in all the necessary intricacies for a wonderful virtual gaming experience. The Gold Wireless Headset 7.1 was made to enhance comfort and performance and also provide an excellent audio while gaming. Its High-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound makes your game even more real than ever before. With its noise canceling ability, you are free from all external noise and distractions while at your game and can communicate clearly with teammates when need be.

The audio modes were tuned exclusively for PlayStation systems making it a favorite for gamers. The earcups will rather cushion than pressure the ear and the microphones will pick up even your tiny whispers.

For a most premium PSVR experience, Sony PlayStation Gold 7.1 is best used with the Headset Companion App as it contains a variety of more stunning audio modes which you can download to better enjoy your games.

The wireless headset can be ordered here on Amazon.

Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset Amplified Virtual Reality

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality

4.5  stars,

694 reviews

Enjoy the realest games enhanced by battery powered amplification, 2 large 50mm speakers, the bass boost and and be lost in your own virtual world. The customized virtual reality design of the Stealth 350 VR offer clearance for VR cables and headbands, while also boasting of comfortability and lightness.

You can monitor your own voice through the microphone monitoring feature and avoid shouting. The microphone itself cancels external noise and can be detached from the headset when not in use. The durability of the connecting cables are also ensured since they can be detached and safely rolled away when not in use. With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of virtual gaming. The cushioning fabric combined with the memory foam used for the earcups will make you comfortable for as long as you will want to be at your game.

Order for Stealth 350VR here.

Bionik Mantis VR Headphones

Bionik Mantis VR Headphones

Get comfortable playing your game by using Bionik Mantis’ lightweight headphones. The headphones are designed to rest gently on the ear and eliminate ear fatigue. The cable is tangle free and connects directly from the headset to the consolidate hardware.

With a license from PlayStation, these virtual reality headphones are a go for especially if you don’t really appreciate being cut off from every other thing around you while playing games.

The headphones are available on Amazon here.

RIG 4VR White Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation

RIG 4VR White Stereo Gaming Headset

As one of the first headphones to be specifically designed for PSVR, RIG VR has all it takes to make your experience “sound as real as it looks.” It delivers excellent audio through its unique 40mm drivers and its cushioning noise isolating earcups.

The microphone connects through a 1.5m boom mic cable. It can be muted by flipping it up or it may be totaling detached from the headset when not needed. The frame of the headset is flexible and fits perfectly on the head.

The headset was designed with low frequency resonators to ensure that the bass doesn’t overshadow every other sound detail. The 4m long audio cable helps you connect with your favorite gaming controller from that long a distance.

For its value for money, comfort and sound quality, RIG 4VR rates well enough above 4.0 on Amazon. You can make a purchase here.

VR Game Enclosed Headphones

VR Game Enclosed Headphone

This headset comes as two separate phones to enable compatibility with other games like Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. For PSVR however, both phones can be easily connected and coupled over the head. The sturdy non-slip mat between the bayonet prevents the headphone from slipping off while being used.

With an ergonomic design that ensures fit and comfortability, the VR Game Enclosed Headphones provides deep bass and clear treble in a non-disjointed audio transmission. The Bluetooth connectivity feature allows the headphones to be used for listening to music or watching videos. An amazing bonus will be the headphone’s ability to protect privacy while watching videos.

VR Game Enclosed Headphones can be ordered here.

Betron B25 Earbud Headphones

Betron B25 Earbud Headphones

Betron B25 Earbud Headphones

4.2  stars,

 19,647 reviews

Finally, the in ear headphones are here! For those who prefer something rather different from the over ear or on ear headphones, Betron B25 Earbuds perform all the wonders of bringing the spark in virtual reality games to life. With a bold and heavy bass quality, a game can only be as real as Betron B25 offers.

It’s evidently unique design offers flexibility while gaming and a pair of Betron B25 can be the easiest to fix in a pocket or just drape on the neck. The cable clip included in the pack prevents the tangle free cord from getting in the way while gaming and with its excellent noise isolating feature, you have nothing to hold you back from getting fully immersed in your favorite PSVR world.

Though we are not as much concerned about music as we are about virtual games, it is worthy of note that the Betron B25 delivers excellent music outside the game room. The headphone comes with its own carry case for portability and has earbuds in three different sizes: small, medium and large. You only have to pick one that suits you and never have to worry about your headphones falling off just when your game is getting heated up.

Why not purchase the Betron B25 here and get a 2 in 1 access to realtime gaming audio and quality music?

Bionik Mantis Attachable VR Headphones

Bionik Mantis Attachable VR Headphones

Bionik Mantis is an adjustable and detachable on ear headset for PSVR. The headset comes in an attractive sleek design with powerful Hi-Fi sound and connects directly to your PSVR controller. Its unique design allows for easy attachment of the phones to the headband and a hitch free adjustment to any direction.

The headphones are easily installed and the 20 inch cable makes direct connection to game box easy. The earcups sit comfortably on the ear, delivery quality audio that adds more essence to your game and stimulates your energy. The microphone feature makes communication with other people possible and the headphones’ really light weight makes them just appropriate for gaming functions.

The Amazon’s choice for psvr headphones is readily purchased here.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

4.5  stars,

 5,427 reviews

There is something about the simplicity of this PlayStation wireless headset and the combination of platinum and black colors that draws you infinitely to it. Its 3D audio technology is even more stunning as it creates an incredibly detailed soundstage for your virtual space. Its 7.1 virtual surround sound gives you everything from the tiniest whispers to the boldest of sounds. The 50mm highly responsive drivers highlight the treble highs and the low bass on a perfectly balanced scale.

The headset comes with built-in dual microphones that pick up your voice and excludes external noise, thereby delivering clean and clear audio to your desired audience. With its extra comfortable design, you cannot but get lost in the captivating scenes of your game. By visiting PlayStation to download the companion app, you get to tune your headset to even more exciting audio modes that will put you at the edge of your seat whenever you are at your game.

Order now for the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset and get access to the extended-life battery that keeps you staying longer in your game after every charge

Conclusion : Best PSVR Headphones

The best psvr headphones are not just about the brand. They are about the durability, comfort, and above all, the quality of sound they deliver.

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