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Top 8 The Best Headphones for Kids of 2023

the Best Headphones for Kids

For these reasons, the best headphones for kids have been compiled. These headphones meet all requirements such as voice limiting features, and highly soft earpads that won't pressure children's ears.

Headsets can make children enjoy their leisure time and can also be used for other activities such as taking online classes, listening to audio books or serving as a motivation for sports and work outs.

Before you go ahead to get headphones for your kid or godchild, consider some of these important factors:

1. Child's Age

2. Health Implications

3. Connectivity Structure

4. Volume Limiting feature

5. Portability

6. Durability

Precautionary Measures for You and Your Kid

1. Monitor the Exposure to Sound

Since continuous exposure to sound at high levels can lead to hearing loss in the future, parents need to help their children control the use of headphones and the volume at which they listen to audio. A volume limiting headset is a safe choice for your kid. Still, ensure the child dies not have his/her ears plugged all the time. While you may not be able to fully monitor them when they're away from home, enlightening them on the negative effects of too much exposure to sound can help them take caution for themselves.

2. Kids Should be More Careful with Wired Connections

While using wired connections to devices, kids should endeavor not to have the devices positioned too far away from them and should also limit their movements at this time. This is to prevent tugging on the headphones which can cause internal damage in no time. Moving around while a headset is connected to a device that cannot be carried about with one can also make an unsuspecting person trip on the audio jack cable.

3. Help Younger Children use Their Devices

Younger kids such as those between the ages of 2 and 5 need to be strictly monitored if they must use headphones. Asides from the need for them to listen to sound only at reduced volumes, they are also susceptible to getting themselves injured from broken parts of headphones or tripping over cables. Aldult supervision should always be available as they use their devices.

Top 8 The Best Headphones for Kids of 2021

Noot K11 Foldable on Ear Headset

Kids Headphones - noot products K11

Kids Headphones - noot products K11 Foldable Stereo

4.7  stars,

 22,696 reviews

The tangle free, 3.5mm Jack wired cord on ear headset was made for children from 3 years of age to the peak teenage years. The headphones are compatible with all devices with the 3.5mm audiojack and are suitable for use at school, home or travel. For some iPhones and iPads, a 3.5mm Jack adapter might be required.

Most kids will love this headset for its highly soft earcups that cut out noise and won’t put pressure on the ears. The headband is adjustable to fit any child and its compact, collapsible design has made it travel ready. The 5 feet long Jack cord was nylon braided to be able to withstand all acts of clumsiness that comes with the childhood and adolescent stage.

Boys and girls alike will love to add the Noot K11 Headphones to their collection.

Puro Sound Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones

Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Volume Limited

Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Volume Limited

4.4  stars,

1,330 reviews

Puro Sound Lab understands that volume limited headphones are the safest for our younger generation. Yet, they have not compromised on delivering studio grade audio quality with the BT2200s. This noise cancelling headset default 85dB volume limit is World Health Organization’s recommendation as safe listening level. It therefore prevents kids and teens from future cases of permanent or gradual hearing loss.

The headphones connect via Bluetooth along a 30 feet range but they also come with a 3.5mm audio cable. The battery capacity boasts an excellent 20 hour playback time after a full charge.

Another thing to talk about is the sleek design and the beautiful combination of white (or black) and other attractive colors this headset comes in. Your kid will surely have a favorite to pick from any of them.

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

4.5  stars,

4,658 reviews

A children-oriented gadgets place is probably the best place to get a kid’s headset from. LilGadgets have proven up to that standard. Their PRO Kids Headphones has all the features a child needs: volume limited, noise reduction, quality sound and attractive design. The top of it all will be the share port feature which allows kids bond more with friends or siblings as they all can connect their headphones to one device during movie or game time.

Safety first for your kids; hence, the Lilgadget’s device connects via Bluetooth to prevent your child from tripping over from cables and long connections. It however also comes with its own 3.5mm audio cable, which thankfully is detachable so no damage can come to the headphone as a result of tugs from the cable.

The headset comes in many attractive block colors and camo designs that your children will love. You will also find it perfect for a godchild, a niece or a nephew.

Mpow CH65 Kids Headphones

Mpow CH6S Kids Headphones with Microphone Over Ear

Mpow CH6S Kids Headphones with Microphone Over Ear

4.7  stars,

 35,892 reviews

With a large earpad feature, the Mpow CH65 sits over the ear and not directly on it, mitigating many effects that may come from having sound way to close to the ear drums or pain that occurs from headphones pressing directly on the delicate bones of the ear. The 85dB, 94dB volume limit is highly desirable alongside its many other features like HD sound sharing function and a HD microphone.

The headphone was made for comfortability with its cushioned and stretchable headband, as well as enlarged breathable earpads. Its 3.5mm audio jack cable contains buttons that allows your kid to switch from 85dB in a normal environment to 94dB in a noisy environment.

The clear quality sound this headset delivers cannot be undermined as it features 40mm drivers that richly portrays the highs, mids and lows in music, making listening to songs heavenly and games even more real. CH65 is perfect for streaming songs, video calls, reading, home schooling or remote studying, and can also be your child’s best buddy while at school, travel or sports.

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children Girls Boys Teens Foldable Adjustable On Ear

4.6  stars,

 17,023 reviews

Since all that Elecder specializes in are headphones, we can gladly trust them to deliver those that are specially designed for kids. The sound quality produced by the i37 is top notch. The company itself has put it that "it'll make your kid feel right in the middle of a live show." The noise isolating and bass effects are excellent. When coupled with the gentle effects of the comfortable earcups, kids are bound to fall in love in no time.

The audio jack is compatible with all 3.5mm audio jack devices and has a durable and tangle free nylon cord. The headset is adjustable to fit a child of any age and is also foldable for easy handling and transportation. The snugness coupled with the extra light weight has made the headset most suitable for sports. With the little  or no pressure it puts on the head and ears, your kid will almost forget he has anything on.

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Headphones

New! LilGadgets Connect

New! LilGadgets Connect

4.6  stars,

 4,822 reviews

If you and your kid are really particular about wired headphones, Lilgadgets has again provided something suitable. With all the features present in the sibling Untangled Pro Headphones featured in this as well, you have nothing to lose.

Connectivity is achieved  by a detachable 3.5mm audio jack cord compatible with many devices. The detachable cord feature helps reduce tugs to the headset and prolongs its life.

Despite the voice limiting feature, the noise isolation technique makes every detail of a song obvious even at the lowest volumes. The share port and incline microphone features give your child more to explore and automatically sticks a smile on the face.

The device is available in many colors and outstanding patterns.

Mpow CH8 Wired Headphones, 2 Pack

Kids Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack

Kids Headphones with Microphone 2 Pack

4.6  stars,

  8,958 reviews

Satisfy 2 kids at a time by getting Mpow CH8 2 Pack Headphones. Spread the love and help them bond more by watching movies and playing games together using the 3.55mm sharing splitter that comes with the package. With the 91dB volume limit, your children's ears are protected from high volumes, while they still get access to high quality Hi-Fi stereo sound performance.

The headphones are made from carefully selected durable materials that make them suitable for use at school, travel or sports. The earpads are made from protein leather and memory foam that put no pressure on your children's delicate ears. The compact folding avails for portability and ease of storage. Not to be sidelines is an inbuilt microphone that allows your kids hands free calls anytime, anyday.

The headphones are suitable for children from 2 years of age and are available on Amazon.

JBL JR 300BT - On-Ear Wireless Headphones for Kids


JBL's JR 300BT safe sound technology was specifically designed for Kids. With 12 hours of battery life and an hour's playback time after 10mins of charge, your kids can never be bored. The 85dB voice limit ensures kids can only listen to music at a safe hearing range.

The Bluetooth  connection technology means your children  have no risk of tripping over Jack cables and they can stay connected even at a 15 metres distance from their device.

Designed in a range of attractive colors, each child will have a favorite pick. For a bit of fun, kids can also customize their headsets using any of the stickers from the packaging box.


Headphones can improve the quality of your child's leisure time through listening to music, playing games, watching videos or attending to video calls. So long as they meet up with all necessary child safety requirements, headphones can be used by children from age 2 and beyond. The best headphones for kids can be easily purchased online. We hope this review will help you make an excellent choice your child will love!

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