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The Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2023

In all aspects of human life, technology has played a massive role in the continuous progress and enhancement of quality of life. The promising advancement of technology over the last few decades has introduced us to some amazing new processes and products.

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2020

VR games have become increasingly popular because of their awesome experience and closeness to reality. Gamers love feeling like they are actually a part of the gaming environment and are enclosed in the bodies of characters.

So, to help you in having the best VR gaming experience, we are reviewing the best virtual reality headsets which are up for grabs in the market right now.

An insight on VR Gaming and VR headsets

Virtual technology has made its way into daily lives of people. From entertainment, gaming, and travel experiences to daily studies and work routines, almost every part of our day has become dependent on it. In this particular article, we are going to be providing some insight to all the virtual gaming freaks out there.

Before diving into the reviews of the best virtual reality headsets, let’s briefly get to know what Virtual reality really means, and how is it applied in the gaming industry.

VR or Virtual Reality is basically a computerized stimulated environment which is the vital and recognizable component of this concept. It is different from conventional interfaces because of its ability to place the user into a realistic environment.

It has the ability to stimulate vision, hearing, and also smelling senses (in some cases) of the player.  To experience it, the HMD (Head Mounted Display) is used which is specifically designed to support VR technology. Play Station, Oculus, HTC Vive, and Sony are some of the most prominent manufacturers of HMDs.

The best virtual reality headsets right now

In this section we are reviewing the best virtual reality headsets which are extremely advanced and are loaded with amazing features to support and make your virtual reality experience mind-blowing.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

This standalone design is the fourth edition in its VR collection and just like last year’s Oculus Go, this one also does not connect to a PC or a phone.

This gaming device has dual hand controllers instead of a single remote. It comes with four wide-angle tracking cameras, which enable a large space for the users.


  • It supports a huge variety of famous games.
  • The design is convenient and tether less.
  • It doesn’t require any other additional hardware.


  • It is less powerful than some wired headsets.
  • It is more expensive than some non-VR consoles.

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S comes with a main addition of the ‘Insight’ system, which involves the use of tracking cameras built straight into the headset, instead of mounted around the room.

It has fives cameras: two in the front, one on each side and one of the top of headset.


  • This VR has great comfort for the weight it has.
  • The Insight tracking was a major upgrade.
  • It supports some exclusive Oculus games.


  • The design is somewhat clunky and utilitarian.
  • This VR is still tethered to a gaming PC.

Oculus Go

Oculus Go

Read the full review: Oculus Quest

Oculus Go is yet another advancement in the Gear VR and makes it easier for mobile content to access. It does not require a fancy mobile to operate with and doesn’t drain the battery away either.

  • You can stream Netflix and other content with its 360 degree videos.
  • Pros:

    • Does not need a phone or computer to operate
    • The price of this VR is pocket friendly.
    • The hardware is solid.


    • The design is bulky and not good looking.
    • The VR has limited motion tracking.

    Sony PlayStation VR

    Sony PlayStation VR

    The Sony PlayStation VR is one of the best VR headset at the moment. The price is affordable that comes with great quality and performance.

    The headset is quite comfortable to wear and the design is stunning. The installation process is a bit complicated but the end result is worthwhile.


    • Comfortable and compatible with spectacles as well.
    • Better value than many other headsets.
    • User experience on movie streaming is better.


    • The PlayStation camera is a bit fiddly.
    • Less USB ports in PlayStation makes it difficult to charge controllers.

    HTC Vive

    HTC Vive

    HTC Vive comes with eye tracking capabilities. This VR is more business and enterprise focused compatible for trainings in businesses.

    The user experience on gaming and other features is far better than most VR headsets. It has best-in-class controllers and comes with a natural 110 degree field of view.


    • It has intuitive controls.
    • The graphics are smooth with little latency.
    • A large library of games.


    • Takes up a lot of space.
    • No built-in audio

    Valve Index

    Valve Index

    The headset has a look of a high-end VR headset. It weighs around 800g, which is balanced enough to keep it comfortable through padded head straps for playing for longer duration.

    The 1440x1600 index resolution per eye and 120 Hertz refresh rate makes a well-performing headset.


    • Solid visuals
    • Amplified index controllers are great


    • Too heavy
    • Expensive than competing headsets

    Pansonite 3D VR Glasses

    Pansonite 3D VR Glasses

    Pansonite is yet another amazing VR set with great performance features. Bluetooth controllers, stereo headphone, multifunctional buttons, and 120 degrees view of field makes user experience worthwhile.


    • Intuitive interface
    • Moderately priced
    • Realistic audio experience


    • No added accessories

    How to choose the best VR headset for you

    A VR headset is a long term investment hence it is imperative to gain comprehensive knowledge about VR headsets before buying one. In this buyer’s guide we are going to familiarize you with all the necessary features and characteristics which need to be assessed mandatorily before spending big bucks.

    There are two main types of VR headsets, Tethered and Untethered headsets.

    Tethered Headsets

    The performance and power of tethered headsets is greater than the untethered ones. This is because of their physical connection to PC or any kind of power source. This power and strength enable a higher performance all around and a variety of graphical, visual, and audio support.

    The tethered headsets also support more games. One drawback of tethered headsets is the mobility constraint. Users are more prone to trip or face loosened connection depending upon the size and length of wires.

    Untethered Headsets

    The most note-worthy element of untethered headsets is the total freedom of mobility. The user can fully indulge into the Virtual Reality experience without any fear of getting tripped on tangled wires around their legs. The experience is pretty cool and totally unencumbered.

    The drawback of the wireless headsets is its limited support. These headsets do not support wide variety of games and graphics unlike the tethered ones.

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    Features you need to assess

    The efficiency and unmatched performing capabilities of VR Headsets depend upon certain features. The intensity and level of update of these features determine the performance of any headset. The major attributes which you need to know and understand before buying a VR Headset are described below:

    1. Price

    Before taking a plunge into the sea of features and attributes of VR headsets, the foremost thing to assess is your budget.

    There are many options available at your disposal ranging from low priced to extremely hefty ones. So, to stay in your budget, pick out the options which are available within your range, and then begin any further assessment.

    2. View resolution & Audio

    Once you have your choices in front of you, it’s time for the fun part. Start researching about their performance and qualities. Resolution tops the list of features. VR’s basic purpose is to create a stimulated user experience by letting them be a part of a different but realistic world. Secondly, the headset fits on your head, making the screen extremely close to user’s eyes which needs good quality display and resolution.

    It also encompasses the field of view which is the range of virtual reality you can see by moving your eyes and heads. The bigger is the field of view, the greater is the fun!

    Audio is also an extremely important feature to assess. The quality of sound determine the realness of the virtual world. Different headsets offer ear buds or ear pads while other provide a combination of both. Normally, VR headsets offer very loud voices so you may need to prepare yourself for a realistic explosions and zombie arrivals!

    3. Motion tracking

    Motion tracking is the physical tracking of view in VR. 3 and 6 degree movement is available in different models of VR headsets.

    4. Control detection interface

    The more control you will have in the virtual world, the more powerful you will feel. We recommend you go for 6 degrees control support in VR headsets as they provide maximum fun in VR experience. Controls are basically what you can control through your hands.

    Knuckle controllers are designed to sense the movement of the user’s fingers and react accordingly. These are the best control hardware available as of now.

    5. Game and content

    As we mentioned earlier, the tethered and untethered headsets provide different kind of support to games and graphics. No matter how expensive your headset is, the thing which matters a lot is what you can play on it.

    6. Size of your playing area

    To use VR Headsets, the size of space is very important to consider. The wired ones typically require a lot more area than the wireless headsets. The quality of your VR experience is dependent on your ability to move.

    7. Comfort

    Size, weight, and material of headsets dictate the level of comfort. For VR headsets, comfort is quite a subjective topic. The headset is strapped to the user’s face.

    Now, it depends upon the user’s ability to bear the noise and movement of the virtual world. Comfort totally depends upon person to person so you may want to try your options to know which suits you the best.


    VR is slowly taking over the technological progress on Earth. We have reviewed the best virtual reality headsets in this article which is all you need to buy the perfect headset according to your needs and preferences. Ultimately, the performance of the headsets rely upon a number of factors and all of them should be understood.

    We hope you enjoy the experience by making the most out of your VR headset.

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