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Top 8 Best Smart Light Bulbs in 2023

best smart light bulbs

The review was particularly written with the mind of helping those who are still new to the concept of best smart light bulbs make the best pick.

What are Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart light bulbs were created to allow for customized effects while still serving the basic purpose of lighting up the immediate environment. With smart light bulbs, energy is better conserved, the quality of light  produced is improved, and control is easier.

The basic features of smart bulbs are the WiFi connectivity for remote control and the compatibility with voice assistant devices. Smart light bulbs do not require a press of on-device buttons to function, although these are still usually included.

Where Can I Use Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart light bulbs are best reserved for indoor use as some have not been confirmed for use during outdoor activities.

They serve well in all rooms in the house from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom or balcony and also do well in offices. Most of these bulbs are packed in two's or three's so a single pack can serve up to two rooms or more.

The 8 Best Smart Light Bulbs in 2021

1. NiteBird Smart Light Bulb

Who says lightening up your room can’t be as easy as a tap on your phone’s screen or a mumble of few words to your favorite voice control device?

The 2-n-1 pack NiteBird Smart Light Bulbs work with most voice control devices such as Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. The bulbs require no hubs to function and save you the amount of stress that comes with the use of manually operated light bulbs.

Smart Light Bulb Works with Alexa and Google Home
Smart Light Bulb Works with Alexa and Google Home, No Hub Required

You can also control your light bulb while you’re away from home using the App Control via your phone. Through the app, you can schedule the bulbs to switch on or go off automatically after a set time or schedule the bulbs to increase or dbatteecrease brightness at specific times.

You can even control multiple bulbs at once by having them grouped so they respond to the same tap on your screen. The app controls your light bulbs through a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection and you really have less to worry about should you forget to switch off your lights before stepping out of the house.

NiteBird smart bulbs deliver warm white light with a brightness that can be smoothly adjusted from 1 to 100%. Each 8W Smart Light Bulb is equivalent to a 75W conventional incandescent bulb. Therefore, using the bulb means saving up to 80% of energy. NiteBird has quality customer service and they readily offer a 30-day money-back policy for the bulbs as well as a 1-year warranty.

You can purchase the Smart Light Bulbs here.

2. AL Abovelights WiFi LED Smart Bulb

The AL smart bulb app allows you to set specific modes which you can activate using your hands-free voice assistant devices. The LED bulb is designed with more than 16 million colors to choose from, it displays amazing scenes and floods your apartment with warm relaxing light.

Smart Light Bulb

Smart Bulb, Works with Alexa, Echo, Google Home & Siri

4.3  stars,

13,157 reviews

AL’s Smart Bulb has got amazing reviews on Amazon and it is usually desired for its ease of installation and use, Alexa integration, and value for money. Asides from the hands-free voice control, the app allows you to monitor how your apartment is lighted up even when you are miles away from home. You can easily use the app to schedule a daily routine for light to come up or go off and you can as well control how bright or dim light is at any time.

The bulbs are energy-saving, durable, safe, and are even ETL listed. Each bulb can last up to about 35,000 hours of active use. AL provides a 1-year replacement warranty on every pack ordered. Easily place your order here.

3. LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

Smart WiFi Light Bulb, LED RGBCW Color Changing
Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, No Hub Required

Smart WiFi Light Bulb, LED RGBCW Color Changing

4.4  stars,

  22,035 reviews

The 2-in-1 pack of smart light bulbs is Amazon’s choice for light bulbs compatible with Alexa. The product comes with its own app that allows to switch light modes, change colors or adjust brightness. Through the app, you can also make customized lighting schedules for every single bulb in your apartment or you may control many bulbs at once by creating a group for the bulbs.

Asides from Alexa, Lumiman light bulbs are also compatible with Google Home Assistant and function as expected without the need for a hub. Through your voice assistant, you can control the brightness of your bulb or switch to any color that goes best with your mood.

You can control the focus of light coming from the bulb by setting a desired direction of focus. Each of the 7.5W LED bulbs is an equivalent of a 60W incandescent bulb. You can easily order for Lumiman Smart Light Bulb here.

4. Kasa Smart KL110 Light Bulb

Kasa Smart KL110 Light Bulb

With your smartphone, a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection, a voice control device, and the Kasa smart app, you can readily control your smart light bulbs from anywhere. The LED bulbs are durable, environmental friendly and very safe for use in your children’s rooms.

By making the proper schedules on the smart app, you can help your children fall asleep under the influence of the dimmed soft warm light and help them get awake to full brightness in the morning.

With a brightness that can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 100%, finding the perfect illumination for your current activity can never be hard. It is as simple as using the app to set a customized brightness for each activity and then asking your Voice Assistant to tune in to that setting.

The Kasa Smart Light Bulb is UL certified and is considered safe for humans and animals alike. Click here to make an order.

5. SYLVANIA Smart+ WiFi Soft White Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb

SYLVANIA Wifi Smart Light Bulb
Works with Alexa and Google Home, 4 Pack

When looking for budget-friendly light bulbs with top-notch quality, none comes close to SYLVANIA’s smart light bulb. A single pack comes with 4 quality LED light bulbs that work well with a WiFi connection and require no external hardware or hub.

The 90+ Color Rendering Index allows for a vibrant color presentation that will perfectly suit each activity and even configure the mind to settle into it pretty fast. The smart bulb features 3 major light settings which are warm light for relaxing or dinner; neutral light for lunchtime and casual activities; and daylight for reading and other essential activities. You can easily tweak your room’s brightness around any of these 3 major settings.

The SYLVANIA Smart WiFi app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS. The bulbs are very sustainable and can last up to 13 years or more. Click here to make a purchase.

6. Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Sengled Smart Light Bulb, WiFi Light Bulbs

Through Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or IFTTT, you can use voice commands to turn on or turn off Sengled Smart Light Bulbs, adjust brightness, and change scenes. The Sengled Home app allows for remote control of your light bulbs while you are away.

You can easily bring all the bulbs in your apartment under one group in the app's grouping feature so they can all be controlled simultaneously. Through a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, the app connects with your phone pretty fast and you can control how your home is lighted from any part of the world.

A pack of Sengled smart light comes with two 8W, energy-saving LED bulbs with each bulb equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. The bulbs have a lifespan of up to 25,000 working hours and the energy consumption of each bulb can be easily monitored on the Sengled app.

Sengle Smart Light Bulb can be purchased here.

7. Sengled Smart Light Bulbs Vintage LED Edison Bulb

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs Vintage LED Edison Bulb 7.2W

Monoprice 5-meter USB 3.0 A Male to A Female Active Extension Cable, Black

4.7  stars,

24,870 reviews

Brighten up your apartment with a unique ‘take me back to the good old days’ look by using Sengled’s vintage LED bulbs. Though they appear archaic, these bulbs are just as smart as contemporary light bulbs.

The bulb easily works with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri and SmartThings. You only need to find the hub that is compatible with your voice assistant device and there you go.The charm the Sengled vintage bulb will bring to your room and your apartment, in general, will wow visitors and keep your very self in a satisfactory wonder.

The 90+ Color Rendering Index of the bulb highlights the features of the furnishings in your room in a way you’ve never experienced before. You can easily use the app to adjust the light brightness, set schedules, and create customized modes.

8. Philips Hue White and color Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

Asides from Alexa or any other voice assisting device, this bulb can be paired with Samsung SmartThings or Nest system for home automation, and this is really an idea to be welcomed in the world of smart light bulbs.

The Hue bridge app allows for remote control and lets you make schedules, create routines and select customized scenes. The Philips Hue smart bulb has an array of amazing colors that make customization of scenes very easy and personalized.

A peculiar feature to Philip Hue is that you can update a picture that has your desired lighting effect to the app so the algorithm can help you extract the relevant colors and have the exact scene customized for you!

The bulb is suitable for all lighting functions, will serve well in any room and can be dimmed or brightened to effect. Each pack contains 4 smart bulbs and they come with a 3-year warranty.


Voice assistant is one of the latest technology that has made living life easier. Smart light bulbs are readily compatible with most voice control devices and even come with their own apps for remote control.

However, each brand has improved its smart bulbs with specific features that make them desirable over others. If you have taken time to go through this review, we believe you will have been exposed to the unique features that highlight each product, and hence be able to make a great choice.

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