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Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which Best Amazon e-Reader Should You Buy in 2023?

Are you one of those who love to read on digital devices? Maybe you are contemplating which Amazon e-reader you should pick this year. Well, lucky for you because you are not alone.

Many of the best e-book readers today are made by Amazon. With many options available, it can be challenging to determine which is the best model for you.

Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite

Do you have a limited budget? Then the Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite is certain to figure on your shortlist. However, it may be worth stretching your budget a bit to secure a Kindle Paperwhite. This post will break down all the differences between these two devices and choose a winner in every category. This will allow you to determine which Kindle will fit your needs.

With this review’s help, you will better understand all the essential features, important specifications, and small quirks of these two Amazon devices.

The argument between supporters of printed books and digital books continues to rage. However, Amazon Kindle’s selection is the gold standard for e-book readers, thanks to over a decade of experience.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that Amazon Kindle has four kinds to choose from Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle Kids Edition. This review will only focus on the first two.

Which Kindle is Perfect for You?

Whether design, performance, or price are essential to you, you will find a Kindle that can fit your requirements. Each of these two Kindle presents something unique to the table. Each of these two has its set of flaws that we will not hold against it.

1. Amazon Kindle (Basic) 

You can never go wrong with this classic Amazon Kindle. Did you know that the basic Kindle is the most affordable model? It comes for only $89.99. Indeed, that is difficult to beat, even outside the stellar lineup of Amazon.

The newest changes have an increased price, but a clearer screen and added front lights. If you are only looking for the most reasonable option, you found it, especially with such updates.

It is still the same Kindle Amazon released many years ago, only with a faster processor and better screen. It does not have many additional features. However, for the cost, it is not that a bad deal.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

Ideal for performance and price. This is an e-reader that offers everything in moderation. The device is affordably priced at $129.99. It presents quality features that include a high-resolution screen, a backlight, not to mention it is waterproof.

The sidelight is the unique feature of Paperwhite. Four LEDs at the display’s button shine across the device’s screen. A special plastic Light Guide also ensures everything is properly illuminated uniformly.

Compared to the backlit screen, you can easily read Kindle Paperwhite for long hours without even straining your eyes. That is such good news for bookworms out there. You see, it is like reading a physical book but with a light over your shoulder.

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Comparison: Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite 

Keep in mind that the best Amazon e-reader for you will depend on the factors you seek. You have good and bad across the spectrum, as with any healthy consumer tech lineup, all made with a specific user in mind.

The basic Amazon Kindle is truly a classic. Its basic design, features, and competitive price are ideal for people seeking to try out an e-reader for the very first time. It is very comfortable, won’t put a hole in your pocket, and not too challenging as well. Hence, the risk involved in try this one is very low.

While this device is impressive, you will find a clear front-runner in this. That is where Amazon Paperwhite comes to the picture. The best of both worlds when it comes to performance and price. This device comes with essential features such as waterproofing, a high-resolution screen, and a backlight.

Design and Size

  • Kindle Paperwhite: 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″, 205 grams
  • Basic Kindle: 6.3″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″, 161 grams
  • Both Kindle and Paperwhite readers are equal in design. It features a thick bottom Bezel along with a Kindle logo on it.

    The Bezel button’s enhanced thickness is made to make it simple for you to hold the device in one hand while you are reading.

    When it comes to weight, the base model of Amazon Kindle is lighter, unlike Kindle Paperwhite. That makes it very portable and hassle-free to carry wherever you want. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that such models are a bit lighter compared to the standard paperback.

    Therefore, the difference in weight must not be given much weightage while making a purchase decision.

    Display & Screen

  • Kindle Paperwhite: 6”, 3000 ppi
  • Basic Kindle: 6”, 167 ppi
  • Kindle Paperwhite certainly outweighs Kindle with a greater number of pixels accessible on the base model. Nevertheless, the major difference in display is just noticeable if you keep the two Kindle models side by side.

    Or else, both feature ink particles, render crisp paper-like display with no glare, and Amazon’s special hand-built fonts.

    Built-in Lighting

    Did you know that Paperwhite features in-built lighting? That makes it unique from the basic model of Kindle.

    Compared to the backlit LCD screens on tablets, Kindle Paperwhite’s lighting has been thoroughly made. It has four LED’s guiding light towards the surface of the display. It does not shine light in the reader’s eyes.

    Therefore, Paperwhite is suggested if you tend to be reading during the day or reading in poor lighting conditions.


  • Kindle Paperwhite: Cellular + Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi
  • Basic Kindle: Wi-Fi only
  • You see, the basic model of Kindly can only support a Wi-Fi network. On the other hand,                  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is accessible in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions. One of the benefits of purchasing and opting to Kindle Paperwhite, along with cellular support, is that you can easily download books on your device at any given time. You see, you don’t need to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot just to read a new book.

    In case you are thinking, Amazon handles the cellular network’s cost on its cellular-supported Kindle devices. How awesome is that? That means you will not be charged in case you end up downloading books through your cellular network.

    Battery Life

  • Kindle Paperwhite: Can last up to six weeks
  • Basic Kindle: Can last up to four weeks
  • The battery of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is recognized to last at least six weeks, unlike four weeks on Basic Kindle. That’s especially true even with in-built lighting set to maximum.

    Furthermore, the battery’s charging period is similar – which is four hours – for both Kindle Paperwhite and Basic Kindle, when the e-reader devices are charged through connecting them to a PC.


  • Kindle Paperwhite: 4 GB
  • Basic Kindle: 4 GB
  • Both the Basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite have identical 4 GB storage. Based on Amazon, that is good enough to keep a hundred to thousands of books. Apart from that, they also offer free cloud storage to both these devices.

    3. Alternative: Kindle Oasis

    If you do not like these two models here, you can always opt to Kindle Oasis. There’s no doubt that Oasis has what it takes to make a big impact on the market of e-reader. The unique, one-sized bezel for simple one-handed reading, the convenient features, and the amazing screen make it an advanced product in a world, which has not seen many transformations after its inception.

    Nevertheless, it may have been too much. You see, the one-sized bezel is one of a kind. However, you can also utilize the term unnecessary or odd to describe it. Indeed, the physical button to turn the page is awesome. But it does make up for the strange design choice?

    A recently added amber light feature indicates the display of Kindle Oasis will alter based on lighting conditions. When you are in a darker place, it will transform into a softer color, which is much simpler on the eyes. That is a good addition.

    All these features are available for a price of $279.99. The price is slightly less than the retail price of Kindle Paperwhite, but the Oasis takes the cake for the costliest e-reader from Amazon. When it was released, the waterproof design feature made the cost worthwhile.

    However, the price tag is not worth it, with the Paperwhite having nearly most of the same features.

    Overall, Kindle Oasis is too costly for an average e-reader. Certainly, we won’t stop you from buying this model if you have the cash and need the latest, most-feature heavy model. Still, it might be worth it to take a look, consider that Kindle Paperwhite has the safety features.

    Final Verdict

    The basic model of Kindle is suggested for casual readers out there seeking a reasonable e-reader and for those who are only beginning into e-books.

    The Basic Kindle model has a lower resolution, unlike Kindle Paperwhite. However, it still readers like an actual paper and can keep you absorbed in reading for hours. Nevertheless, if you are eager to pay more, you may like to step up and opt to Kindle Paperwhite that provides the ability to read in the dark, better display, and more battery life.

    For us, the overall winner is the Kindle Paperwhite. There is no doubt that Paperwhite wins this battle with more storage, a larger battery, waterproofing, and an excellent screen. The sharper resolution and display quality validate and rationalize the higher cost of Kindle Paperwhite.

    What’s more, the waterproof design is an excellent feature to consider. That makes it much durable than other devices. The Basic Amazon Kindle is still a good device, though, and at forty bucks less. However, it will justifiably attract bargain hunters out there.

    There you have it! We hope this review on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite is informative and helpful to you. Which of these two devices would you choose? Do you prefer the much affordable Basic Kindle, or are you already in love with the stunning features of Kindle Paperwhite? Whatever your option may be, we hope you find the one that suits your budget and needs.

    Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments down below! We’d love to know about your experience!

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