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Oneodio Headphones Review Best Guide for A70 / A71

The OneOdio Adapter-Free headphones have completely revolutionized audio production. OneOdio’s products are quite popular amongst music enthusiasts since they are made of such high-quality materials and technology that they allow you to hear and appreciate every beat, emotion and powerful note.

Oneodio Headphones Review

In a highly competitive market, OneOdio headphones review stand apart due to their cost effectiveness as the company makes sure that each version remains within affordable rates without compromising on quality.

These over-ear headphones can be used for a very long time, and so are designed to adapt to modern trends and changes. The fact that OneOdio products are spreading from nation to nation at an extremely rapid rate indicates that the esteemed reputation of these headphones is well deserved. 

So are you an audiophile looking for an affordable set of headphones that does the work but also does not make you empty your pockets? Or are you simply a music hobbyist looking to have an amazing musical experience? There’s no need to search any longer, because this article has narrowed down your options to two of the best sets available in the market.

OneOdio A70

This sophisticated set of studio headphones is one of the favorites amongst music enthusiasts. Available in three striking colors of silver, red and black, these headphones rank high on all the quality charts. Some of its features have been described below.

Sound Quality

The headphones have volume buttons, a play or pause button and a jack lock close to the earcups. These and the high-quality sound processing mechanism allow users to enjoy the music in its actual and original form.

Adapter-Free Tech

The OneOdio A70 allows you to connect two devices. This is done with 2 cables, sized 3.5mm and 6.35mm respectively. This feature removes the problem of finding an adapter, and so it additionally works well for keyboards, electric guitars, and many other musical instruments.

Memory Earcups

These are designed in a way to ensure perfect sound insulation. The headphones are known for its breathable protein skin earmuffs and soft sponge. These make sure that the user can comfortably wear them for a long period of time.

The earcups can also be folded and rotated at a 90degrees angle. This is an ideal set for people who want to carry it around with them whenever they go out.

Jack Lock System

There is a jack lock system on the stereo Aux cable. This cable lock is there to maintain a secure connection that does not break due to minor issues. Hence, the user does not have to face any issue while connecting jacks and sockets.

Made with Modern Technology

This device is loved by experts and amateurs alike. This is because the OneOdio A70 has a 25-hour playback time. Moreover, the headphones have 40 mm drivers. This means that there are internal and external rings intended to deal with bass and high notes.

Moreover, the A70 has a 430mAh battery, and can also take up to 20 hours of talk. This is a distinct model with a built-in microphone and a Daisy-Chain Shareport function.


The headphones are equipped with a Bluetooth feature which allows you to share your music with at least 2 people or more simultaneously. In addition, you can also share your music by using an audio cable.


These headphones can be used for studio purposes as well as for personal use. They can be used for monitoring, mixing, tracking, and broadcasting.

Other Features:

  • The wireless headphones come with a pouch, an audio cable, a dual-duty cable, a USB charging cable, and a user guide
  • It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz
  • The A701 has a transmission frequency of 2402MHz-2480MHz

OneOdio A71

The A71 is quite popular in the DJ community due to its excellent sound quality and durability.

The A71 is also preferred due to its noise cancelling features and presents a perfect deal in an affordable range. Like the A70, the A71 is also available in red, silver, and black colors.

Oneodio Headphones Review Best Guide for A70 / A71
OneOdio A71

This sleek headphone set is cheaper than the OneOdio A70, but is equally good in terms of quality, reliability, technology, features, and design.  

Sound Quality

These headphones have 40 mm speaker unit drivers. The A71 also has neodymium magnets. The OneOdio Studio FUSION headphones ensure that the user can hear all the tones, vocal and bass perfectly.

Adapter-Free Tech

The OneOdio A71 has a 9.8ft long cord. The headphones also come with a standard 6.35mm and 3.5mm plug, and since these can be detached completely with no problem, the user has the power to use it however he wants.

The single adapter works well for all sorts of instruments, including mixers and keyboards. The OneOdio Adapter-Free feature makes the headphones an attractive choice since it indicates that the headphone has been made with all the latest technology.


The A71 has been equipped with high quality and padded ear cushions. These are intended to cancel noise and provide the utmost comfort to the user. Since the headband can be adjusted or stretched, each individual can set it to suit their comfort needs.

The earcups can be rotated at a 90 degrees angle. They can be folded easily, and so they reduce storage space as well.

Jack Lock System

A jack lock system has been installed on the stereo Aux cable so as to eliminate any connection issue. It is easily detectable and usable since there is no complicated mechanism in place to operate it. This system increases the headphones’ immunity against frequent malfunctions.  

Modern Technology

The modern technology allows an individual to hear all notes clearly. It has also been equipped with a Daisy-Chain shareport function.

There is a slight difference when it comes to its cabling. Like the A70, the A71 has a 6.35mm 3.5mm cables, but the A71’s are red coiled. It also has a 3.5mm to 3.5mm black 4 ft cable with a microphone.


This is a multipurpose set. Like the A70, the A71 is a DJ headphone which can be used for studio and personal work. It can also be used for mastering, monitoring, broadcasting, tracking and mixing.

Other features

  • The headphones come with a pouch, an audio cable, a dual-duty cable and a user manual
  • It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz
  • The A701 has a transmission frequency of 2402MHz-2480MHz
  • It has a user friendly in-line microphone
  • Conclusion : Oneodio Headphones Review

    There is no going back from either of these headphones. Both of these have been rated as great products by majority of the customers. This is primarily because these can be used for both personal leisure as well as professional use.

    Not only do the wireless and great battery features act as great positive factors, the A70 and A71 are incredibly comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness feature makes these OneOdio headphones even more appealing since it gives a great quality product at an affordable rate. The A70 and the A71 have also passed the tests of durability, reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness with flying colors.

    While both of the OneOdio headphones are making their mark in the music industry, one may perceive the A70 rank on a slightly higher platform. This is because they are slightly bigger and hence more adjustable than the A71.

    Moreover, the buttons on the A70 make the device quite easy to use. While the A71 only has a wired connectivity technology, the A70 has a wireless feature, which incidentally makes it a more attractive choice. The A70 also has a built-in microphone. This is more convenient than the A71’s in-line microphone.

    The ultimate choice, of course, is yours. This is because both of these headphones offer an abundance of features in an affordable range. OneOdio products are the future, and these two headphones endorse this notion as well.  

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    1. Alexander Spero Liacouras

      On 10 August I received the A70 OneOdio Fusion headset as a gift. I tried to register it but failed. The instruction manual that came with the set was vague and confusing (what does activation of the headset do?). I wanted the headset to listen to FM stations, classical music and operas on LPs, CDs and tapes without disturbing the rest of the family. Could you please send a copy of the instructions for the A70. Thank you.

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