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Top 6 Best Headphones for Electronic Music in 2023

Best Headphones for Electronic Music

Electronic music is suitable for everyday life. It is popularly known that music is food for the soul. You can enjoy music more decently with headphones, thanks to civilization and societal sanity. 

Best Headphones for Electronic Music

Headphones are exceptional devices, among other kinds of listening equipment for receiving music with high-quality sounds. They provide a lot of comforts, soundstage, and other features like wireless connection and bass boost, releasing every detail of their sound.

Usually, headphones make you feel in a concert hall like you are right there where the music is being performed live. These features are enabled by huge powerful drivers that have open-back and closed-back variations. More so, a large amount of their excellent sound quality is owed to the measured distance created between the speakers and your eardrums.

Aside from the speaker-eardrum distance, they are enabled with the Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature that eradicates noise from the surrounding, so you do not need to raise the music volume so high. Check out these best headphones for electronic music in 2022 to have a quality music experience.

Top 5 Best Headphones For Electronic Music In 2022

V-MODA Crossfade

V-MODA Crossfade LP2

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited

The V-Moda Crossfade is a great listening device for producers and musicians who need quality and professional music delivery. This wired headphone has 50mm inner and outer rings with double diaphragm drivers that produce solid bass, lively highs, and clear mids without any overlap. It is embedded with a noise isolation feature.

The Crossfade has no battery clarity and is without double digital-to-analog conversions or toxins that spoil the music. It is hexagonally shaped with a specially constructed headband having up to 10 flat bends with soft foams, which provide comfort and reduced pressure on the head. Its remarkably reinforced cable has over 1 million bends with a 45 degree of stress relief.

It is equipped with a frequency response ranging between 5Hz to 30,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 105 dB at 1KHz, microphone sensitivity of -42dB at 1KHz, and a weight of 260g.

Its resistance to harsh conditions makes it immune to high and low temperatures, humidity, salt attack, and Ultraviolet rays. It comes with universal buttons and is compatible with 3.5mm smart mobiles, including Android devices, Apple products, Blackberry mobiles, Kindle, and Windows devices.

On delivery, it comes in a box containing the Crossfade LP2, gunmetal shield kit, carabiner clip, extended audio clip, a 1/4 inch adapter, and a cleaning cloth. Users have given reviews on this device, referencing its professional sound quality, audible microphone, and its comfort of usage. These features make it rank among the recommended best headphones for electronic music in 2022. Get this fantastic headphone here.

Beyerdynamic DT 990

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone

This version of headphones has been the favorite of many HiFi and music lovers for decades. It has been designed to produce energetic sounds with original quality that suits different music genres. The DT 990 has been a component of the Beyerdynamic portfolio for over two decades and has retained its popularity over the years. It has replacements for every part, keeping it always on top of its game.

The DT 990, considered one of the best headphones for electronic music in 2022, is a premium version of its series with wired technology and a stand-out bass reflex system for an exceptional music experience. It is an open-design device with a gold vaporized stereo. Also, it has a 3.5 mm miniature jack and a 6.35 mm adapter.

As an open headphone, it is not resistant to ambient noise even at high volumes. However, this feature is an advantage, such that it makes the listener feel like the music is being released from loud first-class speakers. It gives unique audible sounds with clear highs and solid bass, producing a harmony of musical richness. It has a superb frequency response ranging between 15Hz – 24,000Hz and an impedance of 40 ohms.

The headphone comes with an adjustable headband with soft silky ear pads for ultimate wearing comfort. These earpads are skin-friendly and breathable, giving room for a user to wear them for a long time and not experience too much heat in the ears. Instead of a coiled cable, it has a straight cable. More so, it has a two-year warranty period, which is advantageous to customers. Place an order for this listening device here.



This headphone is a set of closed, dynamic stereo headphones that give precise and premium sounds with about 32decibels of ambient noise cancellation. It is very efficient in special monitoring conditions. It has an ideal impedance that makes it compatible with any device. It is carefully designed with rotating earcups which make the headphone very convenient to use.

Among every Sennheiser headphone series, the HD280Pro is the first closed around-the-ear headphone produced, and it has proved to be very efficient. Exceeding professional expectations, it has a state-of-the-art construction with a one-sided twisted cable with a 3.5mm miniature jack and a 1/4 inch adapter. It also comes with spare parts for replacement, including the cable and earpads.

As one of the best headphones for electronic music in 2022, it has a good compatibility feature with MP3, iPod, DVD, and CD players and mobile devices that work with a 3.5mm jack plug. The most recent series of Android tablets, iPad, and Blackberry mobiles are also not left out on its compatibility list, as it supports listen-only functions. Every recording or studio device that supports a 1/4 plug and home stereos can conveniently be used with the HD280PRO.

Technically, the HD280PRO has a sound pressure level of 102 dB, a load rating of 500mW, an impedance of 64 ohms, and a contact pressure of 6N. Furthermore, it has a total weight of 1 pound and a favorable warranty period for users. Click here to make a purchase.

Sennheiser HD 25 PLUS On-ear

Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser

The Sennheiser HD 25 Plus headphone is an efficient wired listening device for excellent audio quality. It is light weighted and improved. It is very effective for Disk Jockeying, recording, monitoring, and other applications. It is designed to handle very high levels of sound pressure and work effectively in noisy environments. Examples include sound reinforcement, ENG, studio monitoring, testing of audio equipment, etc.

It comes with the Fiio A1 Silver, a compact amplifier for headphones, and volume control and hi-fi output. This amplifier also comes with four equalizer modes which give room for adjustment to different variations and preferences. The Fiio A1 Silver is compatible with intelligent mobiles, PCs, tabs, iPods, and MP3 players. It is used on these devices to control volume and give a better listening experience.

Compared to other Sennheiser models, the HD 25 Plus has an improved mechanical joint between the ears-cups and the headband, producing a more solid joint and effortless adjustment for better comfort. Also, the headband is elastic, fitting on any head size.

With the HD 25 Plus, you do not have to worry about surrounding noise, as it is fitted with closed-back earcups and on-ear cushions with suitable thickness. As a result, you can always be on the go with your music, making it a good choice for one of the best headphones for electronic music in 2022.

This headphone comes with a wireless microphone that can be operated without a license. However, operating the microphone without a license warrants some restrictions, as uncontrolled usage can lead to dangerous interference. It is not protected from any interference caused by external devices.  More so, it must be used at a safe power level of 50mW maximum. Place an order for these high-quality headphone.

Audio-Technica M50x


The M50x is a wireless headphone with exceptional audio qualities and a control system. This headphone has up to 40 hours of constant usage after a full charge. It also has a collapsible design for compactness to save space. It comes with outstanding audio clearness with a good frequency range, and solid and precise bass response.

It has a working button control system for handling calls, music playback, and volume control. It has a wireless microphone built inside the earcup, and this internal build eliminates the cumbersomeness of dealing with an external microphone.

This M50x is aesthetically designed to isolate ambient noise, keeping you undisturbed from your music. Its earpad is professionally built, alongside its headband material, to last for a very long time without reducing in quality.

Technically, its frequency response is within the range of 15Hz – 28,000Hz. It has a practical Bluetooth 5.0 version, a Lithium Polymer battery with about 7 hours for a full charge, and a USB charging port. The M50x comes with accessories, including a 30cm USB charging cable and a carrying pouch Magnet neodymium. Click here to place an order for this product.

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

The ATH-WS1100iS has comprehensive 53mm deep motion high-resolution audio drivers with a very efficient magnet circuit. It has frequency feedback ranging between 5Hertz – 40,000 Hertz, producing clear audio with solid bass. It features a bass airing system with additional wall outlets for boosting air moistening to generate quality bass sounds.

This headphone comes with a firm construction designed with a centerpiece made of aluminum and a stabilizer ring of the same material to lessen undesirable vibrations. This artistic build helps in ensuring adequate sound clarity. It has a pair of soft and durable layer earpads efficient or ambient noise cancellation. These supersonic features make it good enough as one of the best headphones for electronic music in 2022.

The ATH-WS1100iS has a removable 1.2m long cord with a microphone and regulator buttons for dealing with phone calls and media playback on every mobile device it is connected to. Alongside its delivery, it comes with a pouch which makes it convenient to be carried. For this product’s safety and long life, keep it away from dusty areas and regularly cleanto avoid debris. Click here to make a purchase.


For music lovers and addicts, these headphones would be very suitable to provide the utmost comfort and musical feel they would ever need. They have high-quality technical components that make them adapt to every form of music style and produce every decibel of sound emanating from their music source. Their state-of-the-art Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) creates a world of just yourself and your music, giving you the realness in every sound like they are being played live. More so, they have been designed for the health safety of their users, to avoid hearing problems and infections accumulated in the ear, even over long hearing hours.

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