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Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro Vs E8 Best Headphones Comparison and Reviews

cowin e7 vs e7 pro

Cowin is known for its bestselling audio and headphone products on Amazon. They are particularly famous for their noise-canceling headphones, a feature which they are always striving hard to upgrade and improve.

They are eager to give their customers the best immersive experience when using their audio products, especially the noise-canceling and Bluetooth headphones.


However, often, the customers are confused about which particular Cowin headphones to use. This article will provide you with a handy guide on how to choose a headphone based on each of its specifications and qualities.

Here is a detailed product review of Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro and E8, which will help you find the perfect fit for your ear!

Product Specifications:

Unique Features and Reviews:

  • It contains a unique and active noise cancellation technology that works well for both wireless and wired connections. You can enjoy music while traveling to and from work, in a crowded airplane cabin, or anywhere in the city traffic, or even if you just want an immersive experience.
  • It has proprietary 45mm, large aperture-drivers, and strong and effective bass response. Its style is over the ear headphones, which helps you listen to better quality sound and tunes.
  • It also contains an in-built microphone and Bluetooth system, which helps you attend to calls completely wireless. It contains NFC technology, which aids in the microphone system.
  • The earpads are made of protein and have 90-degree swiveling ear cups. It is lightly padded for maximum comfort and durability. You can keep wearing it for an extended time without damaging your ear or head.
  • It can be used for 30 hours after charging on a Bluetooth connection. If you are away from a charging connection for a day or two, you need not worry.


Product Specifications:

  • Manufactured by: Cowin
  • Available in wireless Bluetooth and NFC connection
  • Model name: E7 PRO
  • Design: Over the Ear

Unique Features and Reviews:

  • It contains a similar active noise cancellation technology as E7, which reduces maximum noise from outside environments such as airplane cabins, city traffics, travel commutes, etc. Over the ear, the feature allows you an immersive, outside noise-free experience.
  • It has proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers, which provide a detailed and effective bass response. It has a range of 75Db to 85Db and gives you an accurate bass with deep and crisp tunes and vocals.
  • It contains an upgrade from E7 because it has soft ear cushions around the protein-made ear pads and 90 degrees swiveling ear cups. It is very lightweight, and with its around the ear feature, it provides you with maximum comfort and durability. Not only that, with its soft ear cushions, you can keep wearing them throughout the day without damaging your ear (although it is recommended to give your ear a break from headphones every 2-3 hours).
  • It also contains a much higher quality built-in microphone and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, great for a hassle and wire-free calling experience. You can take calls and use your microphone easily with a good quality Bluetooth connection.
  • Its battery time is also more stable and can work for up to 30 hours on Bluetooth after charging. The built-in battery is 800mAh.


Product Specifications:

  • Manufactured by: Cowin
  • Color: Golden-Black
  • Available with Wireless, Bluetooth, and RF connections
  • Design: Over the Ear

Unique Features and Reviews:

  • Cowin E8 contains a professional Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. It can reduce maximum noise from outside environments of airplane cabins, city traffics, etc., to provide you an immersive and wholesome experience of listening to music. It works both with an audio cable and without.
  • According to Cowin, E8 contains much superior music and sound quality, significantly (almost 25%) stronger than the one provided through earlier E7 models.
  • Its range is 100Db, which gives you a unique, crisp, and effective bass response and quality of vocals and tunes.
  • They design the E8 headphones with upgraded soft ear cushions with a 90 rotation axis design to help you adapt it to your head and ear as comfortably as you would like. This design provides you with maximum comfort and durability without aching or pressurizing your head or ear.
  • E8 is also protein padded and lightweight that you can use for several hours without pressuring your ear.
  • E8 contains a high-quality built-in microphone and Bluetooth system.
  • The headphones contain multiple buttons to make it easier for you to lower or increase the volume or pause, rewind, or stop.

COMPARISON Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro And E8

Comfort and Look

If comfort is your number one priority, you may be more inclined towards the E8 headphones because on top of protein made ear pads and swiveling ear cups, E8 headphones also contain soft ear cushions rotated on a 90 degree axis for utmost comfortable experience. E8 headphones are over-the-ear designed, so it looks good on your ear and provides durability and no damage to your ear. It is lightweight and comfortably padded.

They may be the least comfortable among the three headphones, although it still is comfortable than most other headphones of other brands. E8 is the most comfortable with its ultra adjustable design.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is the one essential feature that can set your headphone apart. In this regard, Cowin is exceptional as it provides an in-depth and accurate bass response. Among the three headphones, each has a specific audio quality feature unique to itself:

E7 produces deep sub-bass and dynamic mid-bass, which makes the sounds and vocal crisp and punchy and clarifies the audio.

E7 Pro is  famous for its punch mid and high tones. It is good as a mid-range headphone that provides particular clarity to dialogue-driven audio and is most suitable for audio.

E8 provides you with exceptional mid-tones and fantastic vocal clarity. Its particular special feature is that its audio output does not change with a wire connection change, works all the same even when ANC is switched on or off.

ANC Technology

Cowin excels at the ANC technology, vowing to surprise their customers every time with their amazing Active Noise Cancellation technology. It is present in all three of their headphones—E7, E7 PRO, and E8.

All three  provide you with an immersive audio listening experience by reducing maximum external nuisance and noises. E7 goes a step further and creates an additional layer of noise cancellation with its headphone over the ear design, even when the music is turned off.

Thus, if you are traveling to and from work every day, twice a day, and do not even want to listen to anything but do not want to listen to chatter or other external noises either, E7 is the headphone of choice!

Battery Life

All three of the headphones have amazing battery life on Bluetooth, which is 30 hours without recharging. However, E8 consumes battery faster than the other one, so it reduces its time. If you are considering battery life, E7 pro may be your first choice.


You should also consider what you value the most. If you are looking for exceptional audio quality, further think about which kind exactly. We have listed above the particular unique audio features each of the headphones is famous for. Find out what you are looking for and see which description fits the best to your search.

If you are looking for comfort and feel, you may pick E8. If you are looking for ANC, you may choose E7. If battery life is your first priority, E7 pro should be your choice.

While all three headphones are a good value for money, overall E7 pro may be the best to pick. E7 Pro is an updated version of E7, arguably one of the best ANC headphones to exist. So, what can be better than best? Of course, it's an upgrade.

E7 pro has a much sturdier and powerful bass than E7, with a better microphone and Bluetooth connection. It works both as wireless and with a connection. You can go completely hands-free while attending to your calls.

It also has a very rich audio quality and it mid-range, so you can easily get the best of both worlds. Because it is upgraded from E7, it also contains the soft ear cushions that E8 is so desirable for. Its battery life is also much greater than both E7 and E8. If you choose among these three headphone options and look for a perfect fit of all features and specifications, including price, the E7 Pro is the best choice.

All three of these headphones, like all Cowin products, come with an 18-month warranty. Cowin is also mostly known for its friendly and hospitable customer service. Their products are very customer friendly, a good value for money, and exceptional at their function.

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