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7 Top Best Tech Toys for Kids

Ever since the boom of smartphones and tablets, parents often wonder if they are suitable for their children. Factors such as parental control, safety, ease of use, educational benefits and something that can keep children occupied and engaged are crucial for parents to consider before they make a purchase decision.

Although there are hundreds of apps for children to use, parents tend to be cautious about their child having unfettered access to smartphones and tablets. Therefore, bringing back the concept of toys is a good idea. With the introduction of new technology, toys nowadays are also equipped with technological advancements and a whole lot of fun.

Best Tech Toys for Kids

The following is a list of the best gadgets for kids to play with.

Best Tech Toys for Kids

Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino

The Zoomer Dino is a robotic dinosaur toy based on a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It can be charged with a USB cable and features a control pod. The control pod requires AAA batteries to function and has a joystick and a few buttons to control the Dino.

This is a cool gadget which is extremely interactive. It can be taught to learn new skills using hand gestures and movements. It can roar, spin, dance and even chase on command. Believe it or not, the Dino also has moods. Different moods such as happy, curious and angry can be observed via the color of its eyes, changing from red to blue to green.

The Dino can be controlled using a joystick on the control pad. There are 2 main buttons, one on the back of the Dino and the other one the control pad. Both of these buttons can activate the learning mode of the Dino, and that’s when it can start doing tricks and learning new movements.

This is super safe and easy to use and a great interactive tool for kids. Your kids won’t be getting bored with the Zoomer Dino anytime soon.

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Pack

Wonder Workshop Dot and Dash Robot Wonder Pack

The Dash and Dot robots are yet another super interactive robot. They come in a pair and both feature different abilities. They are easy to use and do not need to be set up. The robots are programmed using an application on a smartphone or tablet.

The app has hundreds of new programming methods, which allow it to be extremely customizable for kids. It features add-ons, downloadable content and in-app missions and tasks, therefore boosting experiential learning for kids.

The Dot is a circular ball, which can be used as a ‘magic ball,’ while Dash is far more functional. Dash can race, go through obstacles, dance and even respond to objects and sounds around the house. Both these robots feature a voice recording system, which can record the voice of the child and communicate through it. They can play hide and seek, race through obstacles and objects, and even work with add-on accessories such as a ball thrower.

The Dash and Dot pack is a cool gadget which is full of learning and fun-filled activities for children all the while being safe and easy to use.

Meccano Meccanoid G15

Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

The Meccanoid is a 2-foot tall fully functional robot. It has to be assembled using the instruction manual and has up to 600 parts. The help of an adult might be required for this purpose, and the process takes about 3 hours. Once the robot has been set up, it can be a personal toy which is great for children’s learning and growth.

It uses more than a thousand phrases and utilizes voice recognition technology. The robot is powered by 6 different motors to give it realistic movement. Its ‘brain’ has a 64 Mb memory, which allows it to learn movements and record sounds. It comes with the standard English language but has an attachable USB which can change it to one of 10 different languages.

Simply say the name Meccanoid and it is ready to use. By using commands, it can tell the time, dance and even tell jokes. The Meccanoid can also be taught movements by physically gesturing in front of it for it to remember. It can answer yes/no questions as well.

There is an iOS and Android app which can be downloaded to teach it new skills. The app can also control the movements of the robot, thereby acting as a remote.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Original BB-8 by Sphero

The BB-8 is for all Star Wars fans. It is an exact replica of the BB-8 droid shown in the Star Wars films. It is perfect if your child is a Star Wars fan. It is easy to use and is functional out of the box. This robot is more of a companion toy and can be controlled using a very user-friendly mobile application.

It is spherical in design, so it can easily move around the house. It uses and responds well to voice commands.

Another great feature that it has is holographic messaging. Using the app, the user can record holographic messages, which allow the BB-8 to respond to them. For example, a hologram can show a sword and the BB-8 will speak and respond accordingly.

Users can also control the B-88 to move it and determine the location and exact whereabouts of the robot. It is 23 cm tall and fully programmable. It comes with both an Android and iOS application. The design is durable and sturdy as well.

Overall, this is an adorable toy with great companion attributes, making it a fun choice for your kid.

Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

The Cozmo is a robot with a personality. It features an AI engine, which allows it to learn and adapt to new environments and obstacles. It has a continuous learning pattern and can evolve the more it is played with. It is also full of technology, featuring 40 to 50 gears and 4 motors which allow it to drive and move its head and arms. It even stops itself from falling down heights.

It has a face recognition system, allowing it to know who is present in the room. That same technology also allows it to maneuver around obstacles.

Powered by a so-called ‘Emotion Engine,’ the Cozmo sulks if it is not played with and even shows signs of excitement and happiness when it wins a game. All the emotions depend on external factors. It can be played with using Cubes, which light up whenever someone touches them.

It can be taught to count numbers, stack objects and even navigate. The best part is that the coding mechanism is easy and can be modified by third-party developers to add new games and commands for the Cozmo, which can be used for educational purposes as well.

Oculus VR

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Oculus VR is a virtual reality headset gear. It requires no PC or wire. It is a powerful and durable tool which helps kids enter a new dimension of gaming. It features an additional remote control or two, which can be used to scroll through options and is essentially the remote control for the games.

The Oculus VR is a great interactive learning tool for kids, as the world of VR features many benefits. It can be used for interactive gaming, social connectivity and even educational purposes. It is particularly great for kids who respond well to visual learning and can, therefore, grasp concepts better through virtual reality.

This device features multiple games for kids. It improves hand-eye coordination as well. It is bound to keep your child hooked and engaged for as long as the Oculus is on. The remote control is adaptive to many movements such as shaking, tilting, grabbing, moving and flicking. The Oculus VR is definitely among the top contenders for your child in terms of interactive and visual learning and lots of fun and educational games.

Sphero Bolt Robot

Sphero BOLT

The Sphero Bolt is a spherical ball-shaped robot. It is completely transparent, so all the features and cool gadgets inside are clearly visible. The LED matrix shows a grid of colors, which can be changed using the application. Even the brightness can be changed. It can be controlled using an on-screen joystick and even features tilt control, which allows the user to move it around by tilting the tablet or smartphone.

The Bolt features multiple games such as ‘Exile,’ which is a type of Battle Star Galactica in which the Bolt itself is the wireless joystick and is used to control the game. It also features an in-app programmable software, which allows the user to give custom commands to the Bolt and the robot will follow the set instructions. This can be done in a series of movements too, allowing for great fun. The Bolt also has multiple sensors, which control the Bolt’s brightness and other features using only hand gestures.

Although it is a bit complicated to look at first, over time, the functions become much easier to utilize. The LED matrix is customizable, and kids can create animations and designs using the app which will then be generated on the display. Furthermore, the Bolt is a durable product, so even if it falls from heights, it will be safe.

The best thing about the Bolt is that it allows teachers to monitor classroom activities using the instructions in the app. Hence, it is a multi-functional device, having benefits for adults and children alike.

Best Tech Toys for Kids - Conclusion

Parents nowadays have the option to get their children toys that feature top-of-the-line technology which will keep them engaged and occupied. These toys are interactive, intelligent and interesting. They are customizable as well so that the child won’t get bored of them. They are fun and happening too.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that these toys incorporate is experiential learning, allowing children to develop new skills and grasp the ideas of technology, programming and artificial intelligence to aid them in the future. Understanding and using these toys at a young age can prepare children better for the future when technology and smart innovation is bound to take over every aspect of life.

In our opinion, the best tech toy for kids is the Dash and Dot pack. The Dash and Dot are a perfect combination of fun and learning. They offer great features and are durable and sturdy. Furthermore, the nature of the toy allows children to have a connection to the robots. They are also safe and easy to use, so the parents do not have to worry about the well-being of their children.

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