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Google Nest Mini Review (2nd generation) Google’s Modern Smart Speaker

Over the past few decades, Google’s collection of smart displays and speakers has evolved. In October 2019, Google introduced its Nest Mini smart speaker. It provides fast processing, better sound and a great assisting experience to its users.

Nest Mini is the second generation in the Google Home Mini lineup, offering new features and better value. This article addresses the Google Nest Mini review including its advanced features and specifications.

Cute Design

Google Nest Mini’s design is similar to the Google Home Mini, but it has a new look. It measures 3.85 inches in diameter and is 1.65 inches tall with the same round shape and fabric design. It comes in four soothing colors, substituting the Home Mini’s gray-blue shade with a sky color, while coral, charcoal and chalk colors remain the same.

The weight of the Nest Mini is slightly higher at 181 grams as compared to the Home Mini’s 173 grams. When you hold the Nest Mini, you can feel its quality.

There is a mute switch on the outer side of the speaker and instead of a microUSB port, there is a DC power jack, providing better power cords as compared to the Home Mini. Additionally, there is Bluetooth support to connect to an external speaker. There is a new hole as well to mount the Nest Mini on a wall.

There is a change in the Nest Mini’s top surface. In the past, Google included two invisible touch sensors to control media and volume, but using them was troublesome for some. With the Nest Mini, this problem has been solved because Google has embedded LEDs within the speaker. It tracks nearby people and lights up to highlight the touch sensors for control. It also has an extra touch-sensitive area through which pausing music and silencing alarms become easier.

Other specifications of the Nest Mini are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 42 mm x 98 mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi ac, Chromecast
  • Speakers: One 40 mm driver
  • Weight: 181 g

Recycled Materials

Today’s world is full of plastic, and Google is trying to reduce it by using recycled plastic. The Nest Mini is one of its primary products made from recycled plastic. The crafting of the top fabric involves 100 percent recycled plastic, which has been made from two water bottles. The body of the speaker is made from 35 percent recycled plastic.

Better Sound

With 360-degree sound, Nest Mini comes with updated audio tuning software, providing better sound quality. Its speakers produce better sound clarity than the Home Mini and claims to have stronger bass than before.

Moreover, the Nest Mini adjusts sound as per ambient noise. For instance, it will play louder and clearer if it is placed in a noisy room.

Google Home Mini - Charcoal
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A Faster Assistant

Google Assistant sounds great. Its vocals are clear and supports music playback from YouTube, Spotify, BBC, Google Play Music and other radio stations. You can talk to Nest Mini by commanding ‘Ok Google.’ With a reliable internet connection, you can instruct the device to tell weather news, play songs or a podcast, set alarms or anything else you want.

Additionally, the Nest Mini has a machine learning chip, so it can process commands locally. As a result, the response time of the Nest Mini has improved. Moreover, if you allow it to learn your voice, it can distinguish between users and give personalized results. For example, if you ask Nest Mini to play specific music every day at the same time, the device will learn, store and process those commands without transferring any information to Google’s server.

Better Voice Recognition

The Google Home Mini has two microphones to recognize the voices in its surroundings, but the Nest Mini has three microphones, providing better far-field voice recognition. There is no need to shout over loud music when the Nest Mini is around. Users claim that the Nest Mini’s voice recognition outperforms Echo Dot 3, which has four far-field microphones.

Just like Google’s other smart speaker, you can interact with the Nest Mini by uttering the key phrase. Its clever Voice Match feature recognizes your voice and works on your command.

We baught it and open it,very cool product

* I bought Google Home Minis, one for every section of my home. i like all of my Mini's. My family principally uses them for music however once the music is off, my children ordinarily use it.

Google home mini close
Google home mini open box
Google home mini Show

 A great mini speaker 

for smart home control


The Nest Mini is a feature-rich machine as it acts as a home phone. It can make phone calls through Google Duo and use it as an intercom to interact with other Google Speakers at your home. Furthermore, the Nest Mini offers stream transfer, allowing you to move content (such as podcasts and music) to other compatible devices with a voice command.

Google Nest speakers have controlled more than thirty thousand smart home devices. For instance, if you want to raise your smart curtains, you need to say, ‘Ok Google, raise curtains,’ and the Nest Mini will do it for you.

Google Nest Mini Review - Terms

There is a need to agree to a series of terms and conditions before using any smart device. Likewise, the Nest Mini requires a Google account. By setting up the Nest Mini, an optional agreement pops up on the page called ‘Help Improve Nest Mini.’ If you agree to this term, the device and crash-related information is provided to Google.


Many users praised the Google Nest Mini for its affordable price, better connectivity and audio performance. However, some users prefer the Echo Dot 3rd generation because it offers Amazon Alexa support. Some customers claim that the Nest Mini is just a companion device and not a full-fledged speaker. Some do not consider it because of its low volume.

However, within an affordable price range, the Nest Mini is a fast device with a smarter assistant. According to various Google Nest Mini reviews, this smart speaker is worth considering as it provides good sound, touch controls, Google Assistant and a nice wall mount. It offers longevity and durability to its customers in a budget-friendly package.

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