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Top 4 Best Underwater Bluetooth Headphones for Swimming 2023

The thing about headphones is that they serve to heighten our mood so well that we want them alongside us everywhere, swimming pools inclusive. Swimmers particularly understand that good music can make 1 hour of rigorous drill appear like just 20 minutes in passing. But the truth is: conventional headphones and water don't get along. Hence, we require devices that have been specially made for watery environments and can accommodate all the splashes and dips.


If you are a swimmer, diver, beach lover, or any other person who would not want his/her headphones spoilt by a sudden downpour on the way home, in this article you will find out what waterproof headphones are, how effective they can be, and also get recommendations on the best underwater headphones for swimming in 2021 in the review section.

What are Waterproof Headphones and how do they Work?

Waterproof headphones have internal circuitry similar to that of conventional headphones. Only that their components have been made or coated with materials that repel water and their different innovative designs have been structured to allow for a comfortable experience while in the water.

The hydrophobic coating is achieved by having the headphone's components sprayed with a chemical coat or by an even more effective military grade nanocoating that makes it almost impossible for the coating to peel.

Most water proof headphones come within an IPX rating of IPX7 to IPX8. IPX7 headphones can be seen as good water resistant devices and can withstand being in water 3 feet deep for up to about 30 minutes. IPX8 and 9 ratings are recommended for a more waterproof effect.

Factors to Consider when Buying Waterproof Headphones

Before buying waterproof headphones, you have to consider some factors that apply to conventional headphones as well as the very important ones that are peculiar to waterproof headphones. Some of these factors are:

1. IPX Rating

As explained earlier, the IPX rating of a waterproof headset determines how long it can stay under water. Depending on the nature of your activities, you should select a headphone that can withstand water for as long as you will be in it per time.

2. Eartip Type

Trust me, you do not want headphones that keep slipping out of your ears and interrupting your laps. You should pick an headphone with the most comfortable ear tip style for you. Some headphones come with different sizes of ear buds, some don't, and some are open ear headphones that dose out no stress on fitting in your ears.

3. Battery Life

You should always consider this whether the headphones you want to buy are waterproof or not. Consider details like active playback time, charging speed and durability of battery before picking up a particular headset.

Here are the 4 Best Underwater Bluetooth Headphones in 2021 that won’t mind going into the water with you:

1. AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Aeropex

Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

4.6  stars,

15,575 reviews

This bud free listening device is one of the ways science has made life in the water a wonderful experience for us. You need not bother about your music being disrupted and the sound turning twitchy as a result of water flowing into your ears. The open ear headphones were designed to sit just over the external bone plate of the ears. Your ear drums receive music through your cheekbones in wireless bone conduction that in no way affects the quality of sound you receive.

This open ear comfort rids you of irritation from water trapped by ear buds in your ears. It will also allow you to hear your music and as well your under water environment so you can be  aware to quickly detect danger. With so much to say, we are really not surprised that England Athletics made these open ear headphones their official headphones.

The singular button present on the headset rids you of unnecessary fondling with many control buttons. The lone button readily controls playing, pausing or skipping music. You’ll also be able to answer calls or activate voice assistant with the same button. Even if your body, soul and spirit were configured for life under water, the 8 hour battery life of AfterShokz Aeropex will serve you well until you’re willing to get out of water.

The confirmed IPX7 waterproof rating makes the bone conduction headphones capable of condoning all the challenges being in the water will poise. Moreso, it comes with a moisture detection alert that helps you take caution when it’s time to charge. With just a weight of 26g, you’re likely to forget you have anything on. So it’s just you, your music and the water!

The headset is available here.

2. H20 Audio Short Cord Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof Headphones for Swimming
Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Have full-fledged quality music with amplified bass delivered to you even in your water submerged state. The wired headphones are designed with the noise isolating feature, and are made from the best audio elements that provide precise sound and a projected bass perfect for a great underwater experience and also prevent music from coming out too tinny.

As in-ear headphones, the earbuds are provided in five different sizes ranging from extra large to extra small. Also included are 'tree-tip' shaped buds that prevent headphones from falling off during very rigorous activities. Ear plugs are water tight, delivering warm, welcoming music, uninterrupted by unwanted water sipping in.

With a cord of only about 1ft long, swimming is smooth and devoid of tangling hassles. The IPX8 waterproof rating (which is the highest there is) allows for a dive of up to 3.6m into the water. Never have there been headphones more perfect for swimming, surfing or paddle boarding.

Not a swimmer? Trust me, your H2O Audio waterproof headphones will come through during a sweaty working out or when rain suddenly hits while having a keep fit endurance run.

Each H20 short cord headset comes with a one year warranty and can be purchased here.

3. AfterShokz XTrainerz Open Ear Sport Headphones


We all can get used to technology bringing ease to every aspect of our lives. Again, AfterShokz presents to us another of their open ear, bone conduction headphones with the ability to resist water and sweat. As an IPX8 waterproof, these headphones can be in water 2 meters deep for up to 2 hours. With the 8 hours playing time after a full charge, you will never be lonely while you take your routine laps.

The open ear design gives you timeless comfort and leaves you with no reason to worry about earbuds that won't fit in your ear. Through bone conduction, experience top notch sound that comes from nowhere close to your eardrums, and will put the delicate organ under no pressure.

A 4GB internal memory capable of accommodating up to 1000 and more of your favorite songs will ensure you're never bored from listening to the same few songs over and over again. You can also pick up your After Shokz XTrainerz each new day and resume jamming to music right from where you stopped the previous time.

The headset is suitable for all kinds of sports and workouts as it can resist just as enough sweat as it can water. However, dedicated solely to sports that involves being in the water, the XTrainerz is not compatible with the use of Bluetooth for connectivity or streaming with other audio devices. Who cares anyways, when there's enough internal space.

Order for the sports headphones here. The pack consists of the open ear headphones, a silicon case, charging cable and a pair of ear plugs for swimming.

4. HydroActive Premium Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones

HydroActive Premium

A simple aqua friendly construction, a strategic design for fit, and an array of customized earbuds are part of what makes HydroActive Headphones desirable. The Premium Short-Cord device particularly has a non complex design that snugly wraps around the head. Their technology is proactive enough to provide the exact comfort you need during any of your in water activities.

The unique design of the in ear phones serve to amplify sound and keep the quality of any music preserved. The earbuds fit securely into the headphones in a way that water never seeps in. Should in case water gets into the headphones, HydroActive  has provided a two chamber mechanism that ensures you still get quality sound delivered to your ears while the water dries up.

Each headset comes in 4 different styles of earbud tips and a range of sizes that sum up to 11 in total. For every ear shape,  there is a most appropriate earbud style. From casual headphone use to very rigorous sporting activities, you will find the perfect earbuds.

The headphones connect to audio devices via a 3.5mm cable that is compatible with most audio players. The cable  has been strengthened with syjttgetuc fiber while the headset itself is constructed with heavy duty plastic that can withstand the constant drag of every day use in water. The IPX8 waterproof standard keeps the headset in sane condition even when submerged in water for up to 3 meters.

The short cord waterproof headphones are suitable for anything from casual use to off water and in water sporting activities. It is easy to put on or put off and the short cable will not interfere  with your processes. HydroActice has even placed a 1 year warranty on each of their headphones should in case you are worried about the durability.

The headset can be purchased here.


Music is and will remain a safe haven for many people. Happily, technology has made it possible to have our music with us in virtually all kinds of environmental conditions. A waterproof headphone is a ready companion for those who carry out water related activities and will also serve for cases of a sudden downpour and even during times when you’re being drenched in sweat from working out or performing other rigorous activities.

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